It finally got me

Ever since Shanghai, there’s been a lurgy lurking around, waiting to rumble me. My throat has felt weird and my eyes have been sore hollows for weeks.

It finally decided to make its move on Sunday and I’ve felt dreadful ever since. Yesterday was mostly spent in bed, dozing and coughing and coughing and dozing.

I’d get up occasionally to write another story about booze – gotta keep those clicks up – then I’d clag out again for an hour or two.

It’s a weird illness – I’ve had far nastier flu symptoms in recent times, but this one has floored me harder. I just want to shut my eyes and lie there – even looking at Facebook requires too much effort.

Unfortunately, lying there isn’t very comfortable because my hip is still playing up.

An old friend messaged me the other night, noting the irony of injuring myself while just sitting watching the World Rope Skipping Championships.

Ironic and ANNOYING.

I struggled out of bed on Monday afternoon to take the youngest to see a dermatologist about her eczema flare up. A friend called a friend who squeezed us into their booked-out schedule.

I felt like such a terrible mother as the dermatologist examined the youngest’s skin – it was a bloody mess.

The youngest has been given a cocktail of antibiotics and a short course of prednisone to try and clear it up, plus has been an even stronger cortisone cream to apply to her skin twice a day.

Let’s not talk about how much all that cost.

But, when her dad dropped her stuff off early yesterday morning, she looked pretty chipper and a little less puffy and red.

I’m hoping we’ll both feel much, much better in a few days time.

Actually, I have my fingers crossed that when I struggle out of bed soon I’ll feel fabulous, because I’m interviewing a managing director at 11.30am at their office and I’d rather not look – and sound – like I’m an Ebola carrier.

Early signs are not promising.

Eeek, that reminds me, I need the youngest to teach me how to use the voice recorder function on my phone … catch ya!

Song of the day: Crowded House “Pineapple Head”


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