Painting the right picture

It was a hazy shade of winter kinda weekend.

A little drizzly, a little grey, a little out of kilter … and I was still a little poorly.

I kicked it off by cooking my friend Megz and her swimming champ daughter dinner on Friday night. They’d travelled down from Newcastle for the SNSW 13 & Over State SC Championships at Homebush. (She ended up making top 10 and did a 2.5 second personal best in the 200m backstroke!)

I mainlined Codral and Nurofen, made slow-roasted lamb shoulder and cauliflower cheese and tried not to expectorate too many germs onto it. Because I was so foggy, I kept missing the timer running out on the oven. So it was a VERY slowly roasted lamb shoulder … going in at 1pm … coming out at 7pm …

The next morning we were shocked to hear that Kathy had been suddenly transferred from Cessnock Jail to Silverwater. Supporters who’d driven up from Newcastle for their booked visit were turned away at the door.

Seemed a tad impolite. Fortunately Kathy is settling in fine. I’ll head over there in a fortnight and report back.

On Saturday arvo, DD decided to try his hand at being an artist, with me as his paint-stirring assistant. He stocked up on canvases and various tubes of paint and got to work. He’s very determined when he gets an idea in his head.

His first effort showed potential, but he waaaaay underestimated how much paint he’d need for a major work. This is part of the canvas:

When I wasn’t mixing paint colours, I was lying on his couch, coughing and spluttering and whining about how crook I felt.

He tried to cheer me up by showing me some comedy routines on YouTube by a Finnish guy called Ismo.

Here’s DD’s favourite:

But I almost cry laughing every time I watch the one about dolphins:

I also spent lots of time listlessly trawling through Instagram because it was a low-energy activity. Although this quote that Madonna posted fired me up:

Yes, Madonna! YES!

Be the strong woman! Don’t play the victim! Stand and deal!

Well, except when you have an endless virus and are feeling sorry for yourself …

Despite being blergh, I still managed to mourn forgetting my wetsuit for my trip north. I HATE being a few blocks from the water and not being able to go in. I had to make do with a soothing stickybeak. It was 50 shades of grey at the beach, but gorgeous:

The kids returned early from their dad’s place on Sunday – it was his weekend with them, but he needed to fly to Melbourne for work.

I was a bit thrilled to have them a few days early for a cuddle and some Ismo watching … though I don’t think they found Ismo anywhere near as funny as me. We had a Southern feast together for dinner: sticky roast beef, spicy slaw, corn on the cob, wedges …

And then the youngest and I curled up on her bed to watch her newly recommissioned tellie – I finally got to the Good Guys and bought an antennae for it on my way to skipping drop off.

And now another week begins. I feel a bit sad that sickness stole most of my weekend, but there were some nice moments and I’m slowly on the mend. So I can’t complain, well, not much …

How was yours?

Song of the day: Visage “Fade to grey”






2 thoughts on “Painting the right picture

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  1. I am so glad you were able to find the silver linings in the weekend even through your sickness!

    Rude much moving Kathy and not telling her booked visitors. I hope that she settles ok, but I guess by now she is well used to the routine, not that it is really ever any easier.

    Look after yourself and get better!

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