Pragmatic goodbyes

A friend noted yesterday that I was being very pragmatic about my “super weird” Christmas.

Yeah, kinda. I’m feeling less and less pragmatic about it as it approaches.

Yesterday was spent in isolation waiting for COVID results. I tapped away on the computer – I still have a few contracting jobs on the boil – as the youngest made a sugar-free gingerbread house from scratch. We celebrated getting the “negative” text messages by sitting in front of the tellie watching Elf and eating nibbles for dinner.

It’s been more than a week since I saw DD, but those COVID numbers from NSW Health are looking very promising so I’m hopeful I can hug him soon. I will need a hug, as the kids are heading off at around 10.30am for Christmas with my ex’s family.

I’ve been left in charge of administering antibiotics to the rat until the eldest returns on Saturday. It’s an elaborate process involving three different medications mixed into baby food. Ace.

The youngest is gone until just after New Year. I considered cleaning the bathroom yesterday, but decided I would wait until they head off so that it stays clean for more than five minutes.

It is definitely going to feel “super weird” to wake up alone on Christmas morning, though I know many, many people manage it all the time.

Still, I feel quite sad. I am sad that I won’t sit sipping champers and laughing in the spa with my sisters in law on Christmas Eve, I am sad I won’t see my kids or parents on Christmas Day, and I am sad that COVID is ravaging the world.

Normally I would chase clicks online to get my dopamine surging, but Christmas isn’t the best time for that. Everyone switches off a bit while they’re on holidays. But I’m doggedly soldiering on. I’ve decided it’s like playing the pokies, you’re addicted to pushing the button on stories and hoping for a win.

That said, I’m very happy with my latest newsletter for Drinks Digest. Here are the links:

Wine experts are raving about sparkling Shiraz and revealing their favourite drops to match with your Christmas turkey and ham. Read more
Move over Aperol … have you tried Italy’s other favourite aperitivo – the Select Venetian Spritz? Read more
Victoria’s best-selling beers in 2020 reveal a move to local and craft brews. PLUS: Update on the Corona beer shortage. Read more
Struggling to find a Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Here are three delicious spirit suggestions. Read more
NEW: Fresh & fruity Frankie’s Garden wines; Calabria to release boxed Montepulciano; Gordon’s zero alcohol arrives in UK Read more
BUSINESS WRAP: Woolies wins 4-year battle to open Darwin Dan Murphy’s; Asahi beer & cider sale finalised; CBRE’s Paul Fraser gives his tips for pub profitability in 2021 & more. Read more
Scientists have discovered why Champagne and oysters taste so good together: “umami synergy”. Read more

It’s going out this morning instead of Thursday because I figure everyone will have completely switched off by tomorrow.

OK better go face the day – sending commiserations to everyone whose Christmas plans have been screwed around by COVID.

Song of the day: The Sound of Music “So long farewell”

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