Welcome to the hothouse

I promised you a more light-hearted post today, so I’m ending the year by announcing the launch of my new website, called HotHouse Communications.

It’s mainly just a page that sums up the freelance work I do at night … and days and weekends over the past few months.

I thought I needed to give it an official name. The site isn’t big on bells and whistles, it could probably do with a few. But I’ve been a little time poor lately due to all the contracting and editing I’ve been doing. Take a look by clicking here and let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing or improving.

In other happy news, I’m loving how my fake plant collection is progressing. I think, if finances permitted, I could quite happily keep adding to the foliage until it looked like the hothouse in the main image.

I’ve repurposed my grandmother’s old kitchen tins as pots, which gives me an added burst of pleasure:

My sister gave me the most gorgeous real plant for Christmas. I’m using it as a guinea pig for how long I can keep such things alive before investing further in that area as I don’t have a great track record.

Speaking of my sister, I popped over to her place for a socially distanced spa and pink prosecco visit yesterday arvo, which was very good for the soul, if not the liver.

As for the COVID tally, it ain’t looking good. Also not good are the dreadful comments people make on social media during the press conferences. If you happen to watch the press conferences on social media (I do because I don’t have my TV hooked up properly), try and find a way to do it without seeing the comments.

If people aren’t making awful, sexist remarks about the way Gladys and Dr Kerry Chant are dressed (no one says a word about the health minister’s suits), they’re being nasty about the person signing for the deaf or making ridiculous Pete Evans-style assertions about COVID-19 being nothing to worry about.

I have to constantly fight my instinct to rip into them. No good ever comes from replying to an ignorant numpty on social media.

OK, deep breaths for the 11am announcement and a happy, COVID-free new year to you.

Song of the day: Prince “1999”

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the hothouse

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  1. you are a marvel with your energy and positive attitude!

    just a point of grammar here on your “about me ” page, “…I doubled circulation of Singapore CLEO within a year and taking Woman’s Day’s circulation to 530,000 per week”

    taking should be took maybe change taking to increased?

    On that same page I would also change “My History” to “Alana’s History” as the rest of the website references “we” – jmt

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