Too many lemons

A friend commented after reading about my festive fun on Christmas Day that I’d “certainly made lemonade out of lemons”. She’s right, I had an unexpectedly fabulous time.

But it became a lemon glut at 11am yesterday, with the news that the northern part of the Northern Beaches will be locked down until January 9.

That. Is. Very. Not. Good.

I’m not sure I have the energy for making that much lemonade. I am yearning to swim with DD at Bilgola Beach and to sip a glass of Brown Brothers pink prosecco with him on the sand, but I can’t.

If it wasn’t for the kids and the pets and the contracting work I would relocate to DD’s house until the lockdown is over. DD was at my place on December 21. If I am very, very lucky I will be at his place on January 9. That will be our longest-ever separation.

Mind you, the outbreak is interfering everyone’s pashing plans. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has asked all NSW residents to exercise “absolute restraint” on Thursday, banning the tradition of kissing to ring in the New Year.

“When the clock ticks over to midnight from 31 December to 1 January, I know that’s normally an emotional time where we like to kiss and hug everybody around us. Can I ask for absolute restraint,” Berejiklian said.

Wot-evah. I am not fielding invitations for NYE. It’s one of my least favourite celebrations at the best of times. I will be watching DVDs with the dogs and heading to bed before 10pm, where I will simmer with resentment towards whoever it was that seeded COVID into the Avalon RSL.

My simmering won’t last long before I nod off. The knot caused by the stresses that have dogged me this year appears to be loosening. I drift off to sleep easily and, if I wake during the night, I don’t have trouble dozing off again. I still wake around 5.45am every day, but this morning I fell back to sleep until 6.20am.

Fingers crossed it lasts – I hope I haven’t jinxed it. I think it’s a by-product of the good people in my life far outweighing the bad. There were some very toxic pressures on me in 2020. I’m hoping 2021, despite having the cloud of COVID hanging over it, will continue to be non-toxic on the human interaction front.

Oh, and I shopped my feelings yesterday with some Christmas cash I received as a gift – that gave me a lift! I bought two rattan dog beds from Big W that the dogs threaten to never use, plus a large fake lily that I think looks pretty real … aside from the fact I’m not sure real lilies grow that big …

It’s all coming together! Well, the room is.

Song of the day: U2 “Lemon”

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  1. Hi Alana, have just been catching up on your blogs from the past couple of weeks. I feel for you re the northern beaches lockdown sending your and others festive plans into disarray. I was supposed to come to Sydney to see my family but the ACT Govt has said all returning Canberrans must quarantine for two weeks on return from greater Sydney which would be tough on my son during school holidays… so I’ve put plans on hold for now, hoping to get up to Sydney later in January. LOVE the matching rattan dog beds!

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