HouseGoesHollywood: True Blood star strips

What would a week in Hollywood be without gratuitous nudity, bikini selfies and genetically blessed bubs? Here are my highlights … >> To promote the seventh and final season of True Blood, stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have struck a raunchy pose for the new Entertainment Weekly cover. The real-life couple cuddle in a coffin, with Paquin nude. Not quite sure […]

And then THIS happened

I’ve reached the point where nothing surprises me any longer, which is good, because life keeps serving up gems. Yesterday I gave up fighting a UTI using my mother’s remedy of Hiprex – which worked so long as I remembered to take it twice daily, but otherwise slid me backwards into razor blade territory – […]

Have I not suffered enough?

I’m an unemployed single mother, dumped by her partner of 23 years, selling the family home. Did life really need to find new ways to torture me? Just when I was starting to write all this uplifting stuff about how I’m on the mend, mourning period over … Raj from the tax office calls to […]

Mourning period over?

It’s been four months since my husband left and I’m wondering if it’s unseemly to feel so cheerful already? Shouldn’t I still be in mourning? I was chatting to the mum of a school mum at a Verducci party last week and she said she was a mess for 15 months when it happened to […]

Friends with benefits

Many years ago, a bloke told me he’d scored a “friend with benefits”. I laughed and warned him it would all end in tears. I was convinced the girl was just telling him she didn’t want anything more … but secretly desired his heart as well as what was in his pants. I can’t quite […]

Well that was stupid

The daily views on my blog tend to wax and wane depending on how messy my car crash has been. I’m not knocking it, I’m as likely to slow down as the next person when mayhem unfolds. Fortunately it’s not me that’s done something stupid this time. (Unfortunately for my daily views I seem to […]

Don’t panic

Oddly enough, despite spewing my private life onto the internet each day via my blog, I’m actually a shy, retiring flower at heart. Talking to strangers, putting myself out there, exposing my “true” self – even to those closest to me – fills me with absolute terror. I’ve treated most of my adult life like […]

HouseGoesHollywood: I think I’ve caught Lisa Curry’s syndrome

Births, deaths, break-ups, break-ins, bizarre syndromes and sexy abs … welcome to my weekly wrap-up of the week in celebrity news. >> Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has brought his pregnant wife Lindsay Price and two-year-old son Hudson to Australia for a visit in the lead up to the birth of the couple’s second child. Before […]

So THAT’S what I needed

I feel like I’ve been taking speed. Well, what I imagine taking speed would feel like, since my nickname used to be Operation Noah. And I have one of my blog followers to thank for it. She’s been battling a startlingly similar insomnia to my own and gave me a tip back in April to […]