HouseGoesHollywood: True Blood star strips

What would a week in Hollywood be without gratuitous nudity, bikini selfies and genetically blessed bubs? Here are my highlights ... >> To promote the seventh and final season of True Blood, stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have struck a raunchy pose for the new Entertainment Weekly cover. The real-life couple cuddle in a coffin, with Paquin nude. Not quite sure... Continue Reading →

And then THIS happened

I've reached the point where nothing surprises me any longer, which is good, because life keeps serving up gems. Yesterday I gave up fighting a UTI using my mother's remedy of Hiprex - which worked so long as I remembered to take it twice daily, but otherwise slid me backwards into razor blade territory -... Continue Reading →

Don’t panic

Oddly enough, despite spewing my private life onto the internet each day via my blog, I'm actually a shy, retiring flower at heart. Talking to strangers, putting myself out there, exposing my "true" self - even to those closest to me - fills me with absolute terror. I've treated most of my adult life like... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: I think I’ve caught Lisa Curry’s syndrome

Births, deaths, break-ups, break-ins, bizarre syndromes and sexy abs ... welcome to my weekly wrap-up of the week in celebrity news. >> Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has brought his pregnant wife Lindsay Price and two-year-old son Hudson to Australia for a visit in the lead up to the birth of the couple's second child. Before... Continue Reading →

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