Well that was stupid


The daily views on my blog tend to wax and wane depending on how messy my car crash has been.

I’m not knocking it, I’m as likely to slow down as the next person when mayhem unfolds.

Fortunately it’s not me that’s done something stupid this time. (Unfortunately for my daily views I seem to be on the mend.)

No, it’s my local council election I’m sounding off about.

Three independent candidates have been running for a seat. And a massive, expensive infrastructure has been built around their campaigns.  I shudder when I think of the pamphlets and flyers and posters that have been printed. As for the rest of the palaver that’s been organised and spent to make it happen …

Stupid bloody waste of money.

I have no freaking idea who any of these people are, what they stand for, why I should vote for them. And I bet I’m not alone.

It’s not an election, it’s a lottery, where most constituents randomly pick a number.

There were two blokes and a woman. At a complete loss as to who to choose, I stomped to the local preschool to vote and … went for the woman. Go the chicks!

It’s times like this that compulsory voting seems pretty empty to me. It’s all very well when it’s party based and you know what they stand for. Otherwise, you might as well get Paris Hilton to spruik the benefits of being part of it (as above, WTF was that about?)

Mind you, I snarked my views to the woman behind me in the voting queue and she primly informed me the candidates had appeared at community meetings to explain their platforms.

Community meetings? Ain’t nobody got time for that. At least, I don’t.

But, as one of the bloody leaflets points out: “Your vote is your voice in your local area. Be heard.”

I just wish there was a better (and cheaper) way to ensure the right voices were choosen. As I suspect it pretty much boils down to whose face people prefer on the posters stuck on front fences around the neighbourhood.

Fingers crossed the chick is the business.

Actually, come to think of it, just because I’m on the mend doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anything else stupid. So please keep reading …

PS And feel free to tell me what an ignoramus I am.

Song of the day: Garbage “Stupid Girl”

2 thoughts on “Well that was stupid

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  1. Well done on the voting – I train with Rachel and she is a gorgeous human being. One of those quite achievers that seems to find more hours in her day than most to look after the less fortunate x

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