Hell hath no fury


It’s been an angry week for me. Well, the first few days were pretty fab, but it went steeply downhill from Wednesday onwards.

I am trying to swallow the hate and focus on the love, but geez it’s freaking hard sometimes.

Yesterday Husband asked me about minding the kids for a long weekend so he could go away with his girlfriend.

This is the man who couldn’t mind my dog for two days in the family home because it was “too emotionally difficult”. And don’t get me started on the bloody girlfriend bit.

I don’t know about you, but his request made me really, really cross.

I’m talking four-letter word, door-slamming cross. I’m not one for yelling – ask anyone who knows me, personally or professionally – but I totally lost it.

I mean, seriously. He left me in February. We were together 23 years.

Don’t you think it’s a bit insensitive? Or am I being too sensitive?

Song of the day: Adele “Rolling in the deep”

19 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury

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  1. To answer your questions. Don’t you think it’s a bit insensitive? Hell Yes. Am I being too sensitive? Hell No.

    As Jen said about Brad “there’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing”. I thought you would appreciate my earlier morning recollection of celebrity quotes.

  2. Unbelievable!! And you already know what I feel about the callousness…time to let the hounds out!

  3. Yes, it is insensitive. However, you might have risen above it and said “yes, I’ll take them”. He has demonstrated he is insensitive. You aren’t going to change that. So best not let it impact you too much. Having the kids for the weekend sounds great – make a thing of it and take them somewhere special. Have a fabulous time and see it as a reward for his stupidity. (and send him the bill 😉

  4. A bit insensitive? No! He sounds like he’s being an absolute dick.
    I know that it probably feels a bit crap right now but it must be awesome to be the much better person.

  5. My gob, it is smacked. So freaking unreasonable. SO bloody insensitive. I don’t know what the ‘correct’ time period is, but surely he can see that for you – it’s a bloody lot longer than this. Sheesh.

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