Sliding into old friendships … and fear

I caught up with some of my favourite weekly magazine mates last night at a really cool bar called The Hayberry.

We haven’t seen each other for YONKS.

So long, in fact, that one of my friends now has a baby that’s six months old … last time we saw each other she was just pregnant.


But we have one of those relationships that picks straight up from where it left off. So we started yabbering the minute we saw each other and didn’t stop for two hours.


The Hayberry has an American feel to it and the most delicious menu.

We had the waffle fries, chilli beef quesadillas and fried chicken slider burgers. Isn’t your mouth watering just reading those words?

It’s about to water even more when you see this picture …


The waffle fries and slider burgers were particularly yum.

The conversation traversed everything from our kids to what all our old workmates are doing now. Ah, the good old days!

It was hard to cram it into such a short time-frame, but the new mum had a bub to feed, so we wandered off into the night around 8.45pm.

I was blithely checking my phone messages when I heard my friends yelling to me from down the road. I thought I must have forgotten something and trailed over to them, only to be told they’d spotted some dodgy bloke following me when we parted ways.

When I headed towards my friends, he did an abrupt about-face and sloped off in the opposite direction.

Well THAT freaked me out.

It’s those moments like that make me feel a bit sorry for myself when I drive home to a dark, empty house.


But I wasn’t mugged or worse … so a fun night was had by all.

I mightn’t check my messages next time I wander to my car at night though. I’ll be alert.

The world needs more lerts.

Song of the day: Nick Barker “Time Bomb”

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