Make it go away!


Hormones. Suck. Big. Time.

Oh, they have their uses. I mean I wouldn’t want to NOT have them. But geez they put me through the wringer every month.

Yesterday was baaaaaaaaad.

I wrote about my hormonal hell many moons ago, in a post called Warning: This one’s about PMT.

It went like this …

Like my wrinkles, my waistline and my memory, my PMT is getting worse with age.

I thought it would recede with my child-bearing capabilities. But no, it’s cranking things up a notch. It’s probably prepping me – deep breath – for menopause. (Nooooooo!).

I spend two weeks every month in a hideous blur of emotion, aching boobs and pimples. I want to hide under the bedcovers. Forever. I want to cry. Make that sob, uncontrollably.

I rage at Husband that he “doesn’t love me”. I want to hit people (fortunately not the Sprogs, I just yell at them). I am so, so down. I want to drink the wine rack dry. Even the gamey rose.

Then there’s the boob situation. I had to hold them during running races with the Sprogs the other day. When I take off my bra at night … yeow! That little drop feels like I’ve thrown my tits over a cliff and they’ve gone splat at the bottom. All explody, like when I was running late for a breastfeed. Back when I was fecund, not perimenopausal.

As for the pimples, there are no words. That’s a lie, there are six words: Pimples at 43? So. Not. Fair.

There’s no husband to rage at any more. And perhaps my hormones guessed something I didn’t … but the rest of the blog is still painfully accurate.

I described it to DD yesterday as feeling like I’m being crushed.

He suggested evening primrose oil. I promised to give it a try.

Does anyone else have tips? They’ll be very gratefully received.

Song of the day: Garbage “Only happy when it rains”




7 thoughts on “Make it go away!

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      1. I am sure you can get it at a good health food store. I get mine from my naturopath who has a shop associated with her clinic. It is based on the herb commonly known as “monkshood”. Good luck with your efforts!! The mood swings suck.

  1. Menopausal PMS is so much worse than normal PMS. My hormones don’t know what the hell they’re doing. This month I sprouted a crop of blind pimples on my chin. At 52! Must be going through reverse puberty.

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