You know you’re middle-aged when …

…. you start buying CDs from petrol stations … I was driving to DD’s house the other night and realised I needed some fuel. I filled the tank, went inside to pay and became completely transfixed by the $10 CD rack near the counter. That can’t be good, can it? I spotted a “Best of […]

Why I fight for justice

  Today is a pretty scary day. The NSW Governor may decide to allow a judicial review of the Kathleen Folbigg case. He may turn the petition down. It’s tying my stomach in knots. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to hers. I gave an interview about the case to SBS on Monday. I thought […]

5 happiness tips for reluctant divorcees

Yes, I understand you’re unhappy about the way your relationship ended. Separation sucks – your kids don’t live with both their parents any more, running two households is tough financially, getting ditched hurts … Maybe you’re bitter about it. Maybe you’re angry. Maybe you’re vengeful. Maybe you’re all three. But waking up every morning filled […]

Prison blues

Visiting jail is such a weird experience. It’s the most normal abnormal thing EVER. Everyone is so polite and friendly and smiling … in the most horrible place in the world. It really messes with your head. As I walked out into the sunshine after visiting Kathleen Folbigg yesterday afternoon I felt drained and sad. […]

Well THAT got me thinking

I have a friend who separated from their partner at the same time as I did. And, like me, they weren’t happy about it. They wanted to fix the marriage and keep their family together, but their partner didn’t. We weren’t in good places back then. Many a night was spent dissecting our failed marriages […]

Making plans for our big win

The youngest and I have been making plans for when we win the lottery. Yes, yes, I know nine-year-olds aren’t supposed to gamble – the newsagent set me straight on that the other day after I sent my kid to buy a Scratchie – but playing with a plastic roulette wheel as a whippersnapper never […]

Something’s missing

Two years ago I got my bunny neutered. (Not a euphemism.) It was a very expensive and traumatic process. My bunny was REALLY CROSS about it.  Not as cross as this cat who realised his balls had been removed (and I’m not sure it’s “hilarious”) … Frodo was not in a good place afterwards, despite […]