You know you’re middle-aged when …


…. you start buying CDs from petrol stations …

I was driving to DD’s house the other night and realised I needed some fuel. I filled the tank, went inside to pay and became completely transfixed by the $10 CD rack near the counter.

That can’t be good, can it?

I spotted a “Best of The Police” compilation, so I chucked it on the counter with my credit card.

What is it about buying stuff in petrol stations that doesn’t feel like you’re spending “real” money?

I’m the same at Woolies. If there are tracksuits or printers or other fun stuff in the aisles it feels completely guilt-free to throw them in the trolley because I’m doing grocery shopping and grocery shopping is a worthy, necessary activity.

It turns out The Police wrote about some pretty dark stuff that went completely over my head when I was a teenager: suicide, rape, stalking, sex with minors …


Actually, I got the sex with minors references, but as I WAS a minor at the time, I was more titillated by the idea of shagging a cute teacher than horrified.

Listening to the words again 30 years later is fascinating.

Geez “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” is a great song.

I love that it’s catchy but also good storytelling, with so much emotion.

Since that night, I keep hoping to need fuel around that station again so I can top up my CD collection.

How sad and middle-aged is that?

My nine-year-old, meanwhile, has noted while The Police are on constant rotation that “Dad plays the radio in his car, stations with current songs.”

Bully for him. Suck it up princess.

Song of the day: The Police “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

PS No word on Kathy. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

9 thoughts on “You know you’re middle-aged when …

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  1. We drove round on our last holiday with my ipod playing music… lots & lots of 90’s stuff to keep me happy! ool
    Well if im singing, i cant be getting tired, can i?? Hahaha

  2. I don’t buy CDs at all any more – I just download what I like from iTunes. That way I don’t even have to go to a service station if I can convince one of my offspring that it’s in their best interest to fill up the car.

  3. Ha ha, I hate to admit it but I love a petrol Station cd to. Usually compilation hit albums. Oh the shame ~~~ miss you. Hope to see you soon

    1. Just cause you’ve got a techy hubby Pinky … show off!! I am so non-technical when it comes to new fangled gadgets other than phones (and then I only use them for texting and Facebook)

  4. Your youngest is so funny. I’m with you – my son gets all the 80s pop hits in the car with me. Plus a bit of early 90s. I had to live 90s pop back in the day, working at Smash Hits. And with his dad, it’s 90s and current alternative music – on CD. We just don’t do the radio. And I have bought a CD at a petrol station. As for i-things, i just don’t understand. And the only modern pop songs I know are by Katy Perry, and that’s only because reality TV shows seem to use them in the opening credits.

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