Why I fight for justice

A picture of Kathy and I and our friend Tracy long, long ago before hell broke loose.

A picture of Kathy and I and our friend Tracy long, long ago before hell broke loose.


Today is a pretty scary day.

The NSW Governor may decide to allow a judicial review of the Kathleen Folbigg case. He may turn the petition down.

It’s tying my stomach in knots. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to hers.

I gave an interview about the case to SBS on Monday. I thought it was pretty fascinating to hear Lindy Chamberlain’s lawyer give his views in the story.

DD is pretty new to all this. We don’t talk about it much. I don’t shove it down people’s throats.

He watched the interview and noted that while it looked like me, it wasn’t the me he knew.

That’s because I was scary and nervous.

When I said that he asked WHY? Why do I do it?

Let me try articulate it here …

>> I do it because I am a compassionate person.

>> I do it because I hope that if the tables were turned, someone would help me.

>> I do it because I don’t live in a black and white world. I believe in keeping an open mind.

>> I do it because Murder Medicine and Motherhood was pretty compelling in showing how flawed the case against Kathy was.

>> I do it because three barristers believe so strongly that justice wasn’t served that they’ve spent several years pro-bono putting together a petition to that effect. And so did many scientific experts.

>> I do it because I want to be sure that an innocent woman hasn’t been locked up for 26 years, because I can’t think of a worse nightmare than losing your four children then being jailed for their murder.

I have trouble understanding why other people aren’t wired the same way as me about it … OK, maybe I’m not as open minded as I thought!

I recorded an interview with Kidspot about Kathy that aired last night. It was surprising for me to realise that even my colleague who interviewed me was close minded about the case.

That’s an intelligent, dynamic woman who isn’t interested in what Murder, Medicine and Motherhood or a petition by three barristers has to say. No experts will sway her. She just “knows” Kathleen killed her children.

It’s an attitude that just doesn’t compute for me, but I know it’s one that the majority of Australians have.

I shed many tears when I heard what Alex had to say after I’d left the studio at the end of my podcast.

You can listen to it by clicking on the link below:



But she’s not alone in her steadfast views and it just shows what a tough road lies ahead, whatever the decision today.






15 thoughts on “Why I fight for justice

  1. Isnt it thoroughly reprehensible that someone that proclaims to be a jounalist can just so blatantly make a statement that she knows kathy is guilty without even doing any kind of further research… i pity this woman…

  2. I thought journalists were supposed to be open to information ? Good on you for what you are doing.. Here’s to a positive outcome for Kathleen.

  3. Well done Alana. Good on you for standing up for the possibility that Kathleen is innocent. The world is not black and white. Hopefully the review will go ahead, because it’s only fair that all avenues of possibility be explored. Don’t worry about what that journalist at the end of the podcast said… that is just her close-minded view.

  4. Good on you, Alana. There would still be Australians who think Lindy C is guilty despite all the evidence to the contrary. At the time I can remember the vitriol people had for her. The Meryl Streep movie changed most people’s minds. The law makes mistakes alarmingly often. It shows a lack of imagination, intellect and empathy for the journalist not to consider the possibility that there has been a mistake. We would all hope if we were in the same situation that people would support us. It’s what makes the difference.

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