Dirty talk


At one point as a stay-at-home mum I was writing three blog posts a day: one personal, one Hollywood, one recipe.

Some might say it was a sign of boredom.

I think it was to avoid cleaning.


Hate. Hate. Hate.

It’s so freaking pointless. No sooner do you do it than everything gets dirty again.

And it’s BORING.

I’ve never been good with the whole tidy/clean thing. During my share-house years the space between my bed and the window was affectionately known as “cholera gulch”.

When our youngest fell victim to chronic eczema as a toddler – and my ex and I were juggling intense careers – we paid for a cleaner every week. Allergy tests suggested a link to dust mites … talk about a guilt-free excuse for outsourcing!

After I stopped working, I reluctantly kicked back to fortnightly cleans and clung to them for grim death.

But, when we sold the family home, the cleaners had to go.


I miss them, even though they weren’t very good. It meant someone else was cleaning the stove, the floors, the bathrooms.

It was soooooo nice.

I’ve been a bit slack on the cleaning front ever since.

Because, as I mentioned, it’s so BORING. And POINTLESS. And I hate hate HATE it.

But I decided to bite the bullet yesterday because even I could no longer ignore how disgusting the skirting boards had become.

Every single one was covered in a thick layer of black grime.

So you can imagine what the rest of the house was like.

And, because I’d left it so long, it took FOREVER.

Bye, bye lovely, sunny Sunday.

Hello gloomy scrubbing.


I gave up at 3.30pm, despite not being quite finished. I still have the eldest’s bedroom and the shower recess to go.

Blah, blah, blah.

Maybe next weekend.

Except by then everything will need cleaning again.


Do you hate cleaning as much as me? 

Song of the day:  Queen “Another one bites the dust”


17 thoughts on “Dirty talk

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  1. Why cant the kids help?
    I wouldnt ever do the washing up or the washing, sweeping, etc anymore – that their jobs

    1. Hi Megz, the kids are hardly around. We only just started getting Friday afternoons and then we have Saturdays together. I like to just have fun with them on the Saturdays.

  2. Yes, yes, yes…that’s what slate floors are for! They never look dirty.😉
    Once a month 2 cleaning angels descend on my 2 bedroom unit for an hour ($60) and leave it glowing. Perfect! How do they get that stove top so sparkly clean? Don’t know, don’t care. Just grateful! 👍
    Oh, and because I have a home/office, some of it is tax deductible….shhhhh!

  3. I absolutely loathe cleaning the house since I had kids, cos there’s no sense of accomplishment anymore. As you said, it’s dirty 5 minutes later. I’ll be returning to full(er) time work next year when my youngest goes to school and I think that might be time to justify outsourcing. Though I’ve just read the previous comment – tax deductible! Who knew?

  4. A little each day means that it never takes long. Which is great in theory, but somehow I never seem to do that little each day. So then it takes forever on the weekend. Bleah.

  5. I doubt you would hate cleaning as much as me. I despise it. I can’t justify or afford a cleaner…but it actually makes me depressed looking at my house. I don’t invite people to my house…because although I love to cook…I can’t stand the thought of needing to clean the house before people come over. So I end up cooking quite nice things that none of my friends would be surprised I can even do. This is like confession! ha.

  6. Hello! Of course! Remember my post back in May titled, “Only boring women have clean houses”? Although I suppose that’s perpetuating a gender stereotype. I should change women to people. Anyway, you know what I mean.

  7. The only reason I run marathons is because the training gives me a good excuse to not clean. It is the least satisfying job ever. You do it and it starts to get dirty the moment you finish. So I generally don’t unless I am shamed into it. The only exception to the rule is my kitchen – it has to be clean so I can create.

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