My “disaster” life


My mum is really upset about my “disaster” life.

I had it all – a husband, two gorgeous daughters, a nice house in a fancy suburb, money in the bank, a high-profile job …

Then everything fell apart.

I still have the two kids, but the rest is gone.

When Mum railed to me about the cruel injustice last night, part of me wanted to wail “Yeeeeesssss Mum, you’re riiiiigggggght, it’s awwwwwwful! Poooooooor meeeeeeee!!!”

But I didn’t, because I don’t really see my new life as a disaster.

My old life wasn’t making me happy.

I was very, very unhappy for a very, very long time.

I’m better off without that “perfect” life.

Perhaps not financially, definitely emotionally.

Sure, I have my anxious moments, but there are so many fun ones too.

How can my life be a “disaster” when I spent Saturday afternoon playing on a glorious beach with my gorgeous daughters. And Sunday night at Modus Operandi Craft Brewery, listening to live funk and soul music, eating pizza and holding hands with DD, then being delighted by DD’s brother jumping on stage to play an impromptu number on the keyboards.

And Monday night eating suburban Chinese food – mmmmm chicken with cashews – and drinking Riesling while cuddling on the couch DD.

What’s disastrous about that?

There are no pedicures or designer clothing orders from the US or free Botox or holidays in France, but hey, that’s pretty par for the course in “normal” life. The other stuff was a bit la-la. I feel embarrassed even writing the words.

It reminds me of how uncomfortable I felt when I read ex-Madison editor Lizzie Renkert’s revelation about life after retrenchment.

“I am watching friends go on incredible family holidays, upgrading their cars, buying the latest bags and shoes that I once coveted, but this just isn’t on the cards for me anymore,” she sadly noted.

Welcome to the real world. That’s the reality for most people – they’re just grateful they can pay their grocery bill.

Oh, what I am TALKING about? I’m still living a privileged life.

Don’t worry about me, Mum. I’ll be just fine.

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran “In My Life”





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  1. Wow – not helpful Mum! Although she might be trying some reverse psychology and making you think of all the great that your life actually is.

  2. I agree, you’ll be fine. I think the main fact to remember is that you have achieved sooooo many things in your life that many would kill to have done. You have been extremely successful career wise, and you have two beautiful healthy daughters. Just because you no longer have certain things you used to doesn’t make your life a disaster, it clears apart the shit to put life in perspective. But bless mothers, they drive you nuts but we still love’em!

    1. Thanks Tessa – has been ages. Caught up with Jacqui tonight – we should do that soon. Speaking of achievements – my kids saw Matilda on the weekend and LOVED it.

  3. I’ve never lived the affluent life so I can’t even imagine what it’s like. I really admire you and Lizzie Renkert for being honest about your financial realities. Most people lead a very modest lifestyle but at least here in Australia it is a life without religious and political persecution. So many people around the world really do it tough.

  4. Well, sometimes I was positive my Mum preferred my ex-husband to me (wouldn’t hear a bad word about him and blamed me for everything) but over the years I’ve grown to realise she mainly stayed friendly with him because he was the only one who could afford to fly the grandchildren down to see her. I really think the central point in their thinking is that they just want what they think is the best for us. They don’t REALLY know… but it all comes from a good place. P.S. It took many bitter years for me to come to this realisation 🙂 xxx

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