He’s a good man

I’m heading to Newcastle tonight.

It’s been a loooooooong time between visits.

My friend Megz needs my house again for the weekend, this time as a base her daughter while she competes in the 2017 NSW Country SC Championships. I figure it’s the tiniest of good deeds I can do when I avoid charity collectors and fundraisers so avidly at shopping centres and can’t remember the last time I helped a little old lady cross the road.

Going to Newcastle will give me a chance to catch up with some old friends for dinner on Friday night, then I’ll hang with my mum and dad.

Dad hasn’t been very mobile since his heart attack and will be too busy packing for the house move to head to Sydney for his usual birthday festivities. So it will be a chance to give him a celebratory hug.

But it’s weird timing to be out of town.

I haven’t seen DD for more than 10 days. He arrives home today as I leave. By the time I finally see him it will be two weeks since we’ve spoken.

It’s been strange not having him in my life for so long. It feels like there’s a big hole in the centre of it.

He’s been on long flights and in different time zones and endless meetings and avoiding his mercurial girlfriend so our contact has been pretty sparse.

I have missed him.

He’s been a rock in my life over the past almost-three years.

He appeared when I’d barely emerged from the emotional train wreck that was my broken marriage.

We’ve shared some awesome moments since then, from standing on the snowy shores of Lake Tahoe, to cycling along the ramparts of Luca and canoeing with dolphins off Palm Beach.

It was incredibly kind of the universe to send me the gift of our relationship.

It helped me heal and see that the world was still a beautiful place.

I will always be grateful for that.

What are you up to this weekend?

Song of the day: Luscious Jackson “Ladyfingers”

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