You couldn’t make that crap up

It’s annoying how Piscean I’ve become with age.

In my younger years I didn’t relate to those wishy washy characteristics AT ALL. I was driven, good with money, practical and hated swimming.

(I also didn’t have much faith in star signs after working at a magazine where the astrologer was an alcoholic. She often didn’t submit her copy … so I’d make it up … I can’t believe I just told you that …)

Now I’m crap with money, dreamy, highly emotional and love nothing more than a dip in the sea.

The dreamy, highly emotional thing is driving me crazy.

(And I’m blaming the star sign thing because I don’t want it to be peri-menopausal hormones. I’m terrified of menopause.)

As List Crux notes in an article called Top 10 Characteristics and Personality Traits of Pisces Sun Sign – we’re “oversensitive”: “Pisces are known for their ability to understand and absorb other people’s emotions and feelings. They’re a really good friend who will be with you in your ups and downs. But at some point, it can end up with them getting too involved in your troubles. They will take up your troubles as their burden and get completely messed up in it. Unpleasant events will upset them so much that they will surrender to addictions to divert themselves from negative thoughts. They are oversensitive to an extent that even the slightest of remarks or jokes can end up making them drown in their own tears.”

I’ve been very drowny in tears recently. Many Kleenex have been dabbed at self-pitying eyes.

Speaking of self-pity, Pisceans are very good at it: “A Pisces who is a Pandora box for themselves can make up so many scenarios and fantasy worlds. These endless thoughts and ideas can make a Pisces  go crazy if there isn’t any control over it. If they lose control over it, they can resort to self-pitying because in the pursuit of fulfilling their perfect thoughts they could disappoint as nobody is perfect. So to bring about a control over this ever flying mind of thoughts, they need someone who would be dominating to an extent to restrain them from disappointing themselves.”

Pooooooooor me has been completely obsessed with what-ifs and whhhhhhhhyyyyyys recently.

As I often told my gloomy, glass-half-empty husband: “Buck up!”

(I really shouldn’t have told my husband to buck up so often, maybe that’s one of the reasons he left … she overthinks …)

I know people who are facing far more difficult situations than mine – major health problems, redundancy, PND. I need to just get on with it.

Bloody wussy Pisceans. Why did I have to be one of THOSE. It would be much more fun to be a Fire sign like a Leo, swishing my mane around being self-confident and strong and independent.

Do you have any of the negative traits that are associated with your star sign? (Pisceans are also supposed to have problem feet … that’s MEEEEE too.)

Song of the day: Green Day “Time of your life”

8 thoughts on “You couldn’t make that crap up

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  1. Hey lovely

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with “I’ve been very drowny in tears recently. Many Kleenex have been dabbed at self-pitying eyes.” In fact there is something extremely therapeutic from tears and lots of tears.

    I have never been one to sit with my emotions at all in fact I have actively run from them in all kinds of ways all my life. Turns out that this is really really unhealthy and causes even more problems.

    There is a thing I saw called acceptance theory and it is basically accepting that the tears are there and sitting with them don’t fight them don’t look into them as being anything more than that just tears. It is not easy at all.

    Sending you lots of love xoxo

  2. Menopause is truly not something to be feared. I guess all things considered it’s just a bit of a revelation – just how little sleep can you by on? will botox work on the debilitating migraines? are 400 thread cotton sheets really more comfy than anything else? ( This is how the DJs lady talked me into ’em and they are pretty lovely. How much sweat can a body produce in a single flush? Is it possible to accurately measure this?
    So you see it’s a revelation cos these are questions that I bet you have never asked before.
    It’s good to get to an OH WELL though cos otherwise you might go nuts….I might have found that out too late…OH WELL…
    Blubber away I reckon, it’s an effective way to wash your face.

  3. Here’s a thing…what if List Crux was an alcoholic and the intern wrote that Pisces piece (alliteration, too!)? Does it all still apply?
    Just remember to breathe…

  4. Haven’t all the star signs shifted anyway since the age of Aquarius or something? I have a Pisces son and he isn’t self-pitying at all. Mind you my daughter is the quintessential Leo. I’m a Libran who are supposed to be a bit vain and over-empathetic.

    1. I think everyone can find something in their star sign to latch onto as being “them” … I’d forgotten about that star signs shifting thing.

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