I almost made him cry

I was having trouble thinking of a blog topic for today when DD suggested Channel 10. Not sexy, but a preferable diversion from the other topic on my mind – Mia Freedman being ripped a new one. I don’t believe in attacking people on social media. That’s an ugly sport. But I’ve been voraciously reading […]

Get me out of here

What’s happened to the city girl in me? My favourite adventures were always set in the concrete jungles of New York or Los Angeles or Singapore. I dreamed about retiring to Kirribilli or North Sydney so I could be closer to the local action. Now I fantasise about buying one of the houses perched on […]

What an amazing woman!

There’s a famous quote by Fred Rogers that’s repeated when times get tough: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember […]

I wish I could bottle that joy

It took months of nagging, but the youngest finally got her dental appointment last weekend. I’ve never seen a child so intent on having their teeth checked and slathered with flouride. Weirdo. She gets obsessed with the funniest things  –  there’s also been an extended campaign for new pyjamas. Not just any pyjamas, only a […]

Falling from a great height

My forehead is pretty smooth for a 49-year-old … well … aside from a stress ridge between my eyebrows and a little curved one above my right eye. The little curved one is rather telling – it’s my WTF/FFS wrinkle. I have zero time for people who are prima donnas, play mind games or engage […]

Trying to pull my blinkers off

I don’t look like a middle-aged white male – well, I hope I don’t – but I’ve realised I think a lot like one over the past few months. One of my responsibilities in my new job is to convene a diversity and inclusion council. As a result, I hear – and report – a […]

A lot can happen in 24 hours

Yesterday was one of those golden moments when everything seemed right in my world. Unfortunately, the greater world had a rough time of it, what with people suggesting they had bombs on Albury-bound planes and blokes holding escorts hostage and killing people in Melbourne and upheaval in the Middle East  … far out … but […]

Why I won’t be blending families

A parenting website called Scary Mommy posted a story that resonated with me yesterday – it was about blended families and why it’s so tough to make them work. The author, Kate Chapman, wrote: “The truth is no one wants to be in a blended family. Born of grief and failure, blended families are messy, […]

I will never understand

I started researching “private islands for sale” again yesterday, after waking to the horror of more terror attacks in the UK. There is so much hate in the world. I want to run away and hide from it. I usually avoid world events on the blog – I figure you’re bombarded enough without my two […]

That’s the way I like it

I’m such a pedantic thing. Stuff must be done a certain way or my head feels like it will explode. I find change stressful. I like order. I love to plan. I hate being late. (It’s not old age. I’ve been like it forever.) There is nothing calm or ordered or planned or early about […]