Get me out of here

What’s happened to the city girl in me?

My favourite adventures were always set in the concrete jungles of New York or Los Angeles or Singapore.

I dreamed about retiring to Kirribilli or North Sydney so I could be closer to the local action.

Now I fantasise about buying one of the houses perched on Bangalley Head at North Avalon. There are about five of them in a row with fenceless backyards that roll in green splendour to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

DD and I headed there over the weekend in the hope of spotting some whales. No such luck, but it was lovely sitting on a picnic rug eating hamburgers and admiring the view anyway.

Afterwards, we went for a bracing dip in the sea. I was thinking it must be my Scottish blood coming to the fore – I’m a McGarvie two generations back, hence the red hair and forthright personality – but DD tells me the Scottish aren’t too keen on swimming.

It was still 20C in the water, so it was pretty gorgeous once you were fully immersed. And it really washes the cobwebs away.

Later, I loitered on the sidelines of DD’s soccer match. He’d dropped me off at Warringah Mall on his way through because I was soooooo bored at his last match (in between worrying that one of his elder statesmen team mates would be hospitalised … there was a lot of writhing around on the ground from injuries), but I didn’t last very long in the shopping mecca – I’ve lost the heart and bank balance for it, so I grabbed a coffee and trailed down to his game instead.

I remain perplexed by over 45s soccer, but good on his 70-year-old teammate for getting out there and giving it a go.

On our way back to DD’s place, we popped into Woolies for some supplies to make a roast dinner. He’s pretty handy in the kitchen and whipped up a dish of cauliflower cheese while I pottered around getting a few trays of roast vegies ready.

I wish there were more low-key days like that in our lives. It ticked a lot of boxes.

Just six and a half years until I can escape the polluted madness …

As for holidays, while I wouldn’t knock back a trip to the Big Apple, I yearn for destinations a little less travelled. I found myself gazing at the Nova Scotia tourism website the other day and the South Island of New Zealand beckons.

Shopping and fancy restaurants don’t compare to the bliss of gazing at a gorgeous natural view (and competing with DD to take the best photo of it).

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting wiser as well as older?

Are you a city or country person?

Song of the day: U2 “Beautiful day”





4 thoughts on “Get me out of here

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  1. Not a big city girl at all.. didnt even particularly like visiting until this generous, whacky red-headed chick i know needed dog sitters a few months ago so braved a few days… finding random free / cheap things to do wasnt that hard… traffic still scary but having a gps cures that… will visit again… couldnt live in it tho…

  2. I hear you! I always thought I was going to be a city dweller forever. But now I yearn for more natural-ness in my life. Doing all I can to find a way to move to Tasmania. Then I can experience it every day x

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