Anything and nothing

The youngest came home from school and announced she’d applied to be an exchange student in Sweden.

I stared at her in horror.

She took umbrage with my horror and wanted to know why I wasn’t excited for her.

Because Europe is riddled with COVID-19, that’s why. Sweden alone had almost 9000 cases from October 6-19.

The youngest is unconcerned by such trifling matters as COVID-19 and how her mother will afford flights to Europe during a pandemic.

I have no idea why exchange student programs are even spruiking their wares at high schools this year.

The youngest is super keen to go – she doesn’t even care that spending next year as an exchange student would mean repeating year 10.

“That’s fine, I’m young for my year anyway,” she said breezily.

I’m tempted to wonder where she gets her determined streak, but I don’t have to, I know: from me.

I reckon you can already see the steely glint in my eyes and stubborn set of my mouth in my primary school photo.

Somehow, I’ve managed to mix those characteristics with anxiety and self-doubt. It’s a strange and frustrating combination.

I believe I’m capable of anything and nothing, both at the same time.

Yesterday was a nothing day. I spent most of it feeling a bit blah.

I kept reminding myself of the many hurdles I have overcome in my life and how I always revert to being a glass-half-full person. My belief in myself inevitably shines through.

I’m a bit tired though. Bloody 2020. Bloody COVID. Bloody retrenchment. Bloody endless renovation dramas. Bloody middle age.

On the other hand, I did order those nice green tiles for my splashback. That was exciting. And I had a lovely drink last night with a former colleague.

OK, gotta go – I have a job interview this morning and I have NO idea what to wear. Wish me luck!

PS thanks so much to everyone who liked Drinks Digest yesterday – I really appreciate it.

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”

2 thoughts on “Anything and nothing

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  1. I live in Sweden and I am not sure that this is the right time to come here. The infection numbers are increasing and now there are local lockdowns popping up everywhere.

    Sweden will not allow their own students to go on exchange programs at the moment, but seem to be accepting students from other lands to come here. Which is crazy. And high schools in some areas have been shut down at a moment’s notice because of increase in infections.

    With so much uncertainty, I’d wait at least another year.

    1. I hope you are doing ok Marie, it’s such a strange time. I doubt they will let kids go on exchange programs next year, but it is good to have dreams for the year after.

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