I need a favour

When bad things happen in my life, I cut my hair off. Giving it the chop was high on the agenda when my marriage ended, just below sobbing in the shower.

(Speaking of sobbing in the shower, Mrs Woog echoed how I felt many times during the peri-menopause years in her most recent blog post where she writes: “The bottom fell out this morning when I was in the shower and I could NOT STOP CRYING. Rivers of snot, the whole heaving of the shoulders and wailing.” Been there, blubbed that. 2020 is a mean bitch.)

Since I got retrenched, I’ve been itching to put my hair in a ponytail and lop it off with the kitchen scissors. But I held back until yesterday, when I threw myself on the mercy of my hairdressing salon and begged them to do it properly.

Bless them, they squeezed me in. I’m so thrilled to have that weight gone.

In other exciting news, I’ve launched a website called Drinks Digest. That’s where the favour comes in. I’m hoping you can pop over and like its Facebook page so I don’t look like a Naomi no friends.

Click here to go to the Facebook page.

I’ve been really missing writing booze news, so I decided to create a digital newspaper filled with it.

I’d love you to take a look – click here and let me know what you think. It’s been really exciting to build the website myself from scratch on a tight timeline and budget. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of putting it together and plugging in technical stuff like SEO and MailChimp.

I’m pretty proud of the finished result.

It’s going to have a mix of trade and consumer news, so there will be stories you’ll find interesting if you like a tipple.

I’ve added a few articles from The Thirsty Travellers to the site as well. Gotta love a little cross promotion.

I still don’t know what the future holds for me career-wise, but it feels good to keep my hand in the drinks scene, after spending four years writing about all things liquor-ish.

I have so much knowledge crammed into my head, it would be a shame to let it slide.

In the meantime, I’m applying for heaps of jobs, because those bills aren’t going to pay themselves now, are they?

Don’t worry about me, I know I sounded a bit gloomy yesterday, but this journey is bound to have its ups and downs. On the upside, I’m sleeping really well for the first time in ages, which is awesome.

PS I’d be ever so grateful if you’d ask your mums, your cousins, your workmates, your pub mates … to like Drinks Digest too. And if you know someone in the drinks industry that has something to promote or who wants to stay up to date … send them my way.

Song of the day: Karma County “Good things come to me now”

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