Escape plan

Unaware that I was about to be retrenched, I booked a few getaways last month.

I handed in my leave forms about an hour before I got the chop. I got the month wrong on one of them and my boss came over to my desk to query it, which seems a bit odd in retrospect.

Speaking of retrospect, I probably wouldn’t have booked the getaways if I’d known I was going to be an unemployed single mum, but I’m sure they will be good for my soul.

The first getaway starts today. I’m heading to a location that’s been on my bucket list for yonks – Fingal Bay – with a few of the bridal party crew. You might recall them from previous gatherings in the Hunter Valley and on Cockatoo Island.

Other members of the gang head there pretty frequently and I’ve been so envious of their happy snaps.

In fact, when I searched for Fingal snaps on Facebook it turned out heaps of my friends have already discovered its magic. There were selfies galore taken on that beautiful beach.

I’ve given the youngest and her bestie the day off school and I’m driving them up there this morning so they can catch a sliver of sunshine before the rain sets in.

The Guardian reckons: “Dangerous thunderstorms are expected to cause large hail and flash flooding, destroy crops and drive deadly spiders into homes across large swathes of eastern Australia over the coming week.”

There’s some cheery news.

Anyways, everyone is gathering tonight for nibbles and relaxed drinks together.

It has been a bit of a week so I am looking forward to being surrounded by friends and wine and cheese.

I hope you have a good weekend too.

Catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: Jimmy Cliff “I can see clearly now”

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