Getting it done

A fly on the wall wouldn’t know I was unemployed – I was flat out yesterday.

I wrote six stories for Drinks Digest. I worked out how to plug ads into the site. I joined NRMA roadside assist, as my Renault roadside assist is about to expire. I walked to the service centre to collect my car after having its oil leak fixed. I organised to go back next week to have its indicator and petrol door issues sorted, just slipping in under warranty. I collected the youngest from the bus stop and took her to skipping training. I applied for a few jobs. I did a few loads of washing. I made lamb koftas and lentil pilaf and grilled haloumi for dinner.

The thing I didn’t do was get paid, which is a bit of a bummer. I must find a solution to that problem, what with Christmas around the corner and all.

The days since I left my old job are passing in a blur – I am giddily happy with how the Drinks Digest website looks. I feel so fulfilled as I write stories, upload images and interact with PRs. It’s been a great learning experience to create a commercial website from scratch.

It’s a pity there isn’t a millionaire backer lurking around who needs a start-up to throw money at.

Adding to my happy mood, the sun returned yesterday, which was very welcome for the 30-minute walk to get my car. When I switched the radio on for the drive home, “Slice of heaven” was playing.

Love that song. Have you seen the beer ad set to it? It’s a classic!

Watch it below and smile:

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  1. I think you need to pitch drinks digest to the drinks companies – particularly target their brand managers as they have the money. Also a suggestion promote it through your personal LinkedIn

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