She’ll be right

I’m a chronic over thinker, so you won’t be surprised to hear I’ve been pondering what my imaginary autobiography should be called.

The current favoured title is “My glass half-full life”.

I think it sums up my attitude to this rollercoaster. I have my ups, I have my downs, but I never let bitterness take hold.

I always remember that I‘m essentially very lucky. I have a roof over head, two great kids, a lovely boyfriend, lots of friends and so many happy experiences.

Sure, there are dramas on every front – health, relationship, career, renovations, car – but they don’t overwhelm the good stuff.

The glass-half-full thing was reinforced yesterday as I trudged home in the pouring rain after dropping my car at the service centre to get its oil leak and stuffed indicator fixed (while also asking the mechanics to take a look at the petrol door, which has become very resistant to automatically unlocking whenever I need to fill up).

The wind blew my umbrella inside out every few seconds, but I felt remarkably zen about the soggy trek.

Instead of cursing my fate, I found myself thinking: “Isn’t it great that I can walk home so easily, without pain or discomfort?”

I know that sounds weird and a bit hashtag blessed, but I know many people who couldn’t walk 30 minutes home in any sort of weather.

And I genuinely thought I was lucky that my body was capable and sure at 52.

DD offered to get me an Uber, but I turned him down. I’m not an Uber person and I’d already chosen a route home via one of my favourite coffee shops for a strong flat white.

DD has been a bit worried about me lately, so he made me look in the mirror and tell myself I was awesome over the weekend.

I had A LOT of trouble doing it because I felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t look myself in the eye and say something so “big-notey”.

I’m not sure about the awesome part, but I know I’m a hard-working and enthusiastic person who always tries to be kind to others.

Speaking of which, the favour has been returned recently. I’ve had lots of kind people contact me to commiserate and tell me how disappointed they are that I was retrenched.

That’s been lovely.

As for the rest of yesterday, it passed in a blur of drinks news. Coca-Cola Amatil confirmed it had received a $9.3billion takeover bid and Melbourne pubs were released from lockdown, among other excitements.

I was still madly typing away at my desk at 6pm, just like a normal working day … except without any pay.

Let me know if you hear about anyone who fancies paying me to write stuff, I’m available.

I spoke to a lovely young lass at Centrelink yesterday who managed to sort out the problems I’d been having with uploading my employment termination certificate, but Jobseeker payments are a long way off because I’m still burning through my annual leave. Lucky me!

PS The main pic is what greeted me when I was pulling out of my driveway on Sunday night to head to my sister’s place for a spa and a natter. Yep, that’s my neighbour with his head disturbingly deep into his recycling bin …

Song of the day: Annie Lennox “Here comes the rain again”

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