The end is near

I was convinced my dog was on his last legs yesterday. He couldn’t even walk to the coffee shop. He just kept stopping and refusing to take another step.

I had to carry him most of the way. Whenever I put him on the ground he’d stare up at me with sad eyes that seemed to say “help!”

My over-active brain got carried away and I was convinced something fatal was brewing. I got a bit teary as I imagined turning off his life support.

But I continued my trek to the coffee shop, because a girl needs her caffeine.

While I ordered, the dog lay down in front of the other customers and started vigorously licking his crotch. Awks. No one wants to see that while they’re eating their eggs.

After I collected my strong flat white, he jumped straight to his feet and walked home happily, like nothing had happened.

I think his willie must have had a burr stuck to it or something.

So life support will not be needed. Thank the Lord!

When he got home, he perched himself happily on top of my new sofa in the most bizarre position. Weird dog.

The rest of the day passed in another blur of drinks news. It was ALL happening. Heinken bought three cider brands and two beer brands from Asahi, Coles announced three of its liquor segments were up 50%, and Campari released its cracking sales results, just to name a few.

Oh, and I picked up my splashback tiles. They are LOVELY.

In less pleasant news, I received the bill for my electrical work, which was a big lesson in why you should ask how much new downlights will cost before agreeing to have them installed. I can’t bring myself to tell you what the bill was, but I’d better get cracking on earning some money.

OK, another busy day ahead, better go. Have a good one and I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Song of the day: Elvis Presley “My way”

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