Slow unravelling

The knots inside me continued their slow unravelling yesterday. It’s been a difficult few years and it’s a relief to have that weight off my shoulders. It will soon be replaced by anxiety about paying my bills, but for now I feel happy and free. I escaped the brick dust and mayhem at my house […]

Kicked out

I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I could go into the office today. Three electricians are arriving at 7am and they said it’s going to be so messy that the dogs and I must vacate the premises for the day. I am temporarily homeless! If you spot me aimlessly wandering the streets […]

Enough with the bullying

I unfollowed a public figure yesterday for creating a Facebook mobbing. I really don’t like those angry pile-ons … they’re the virtual equivalent of medieval witch hunts. Mob mentality grips the online villagers, they all grab their pichforks and ATTACK. In this case, it was because a comedian called Tanya Hennessy posted a meme that […]

You can’t take me anywhere

Well, you can take me places, but I have no filter. DD took me to drinks with a business associate last week and I regaled him with inappropriate tales, including one about desexing my bunny because he started humping my husband’s leg and ejaculating on his jeans. The next day I asked DD what his […]

Seeing clearly

I think I’m coming out the other side of the initial shock and trauma that retrenchment creates. There will be hiccups along the way, but I’ve decided it’s no use trying to fathom the unfathomable. Not everyone is going to like you in this world. You just have to make your peace with it and […]

Forced to stop

While I’m gutted about being retrenched, part of me is relieved. One of the reasons is that I can finally catch my breath – I was exhausted from effectively doing two jobs in one. As communications manager, my responsibilities included producing a monthly newsletter featuring nine articles, creating invitations, attending and reporting on the events, […]

Tea and sympathy

A former colleague invited me to her house yesterday for tea and sympathy. She baked me scones and gave me lots of advice on reinventing my career. It was a reminder that there are kind people in the world who are looking out for me. I was really touched that she gave up her morning […]

I failed

I failed at job hunting yesterday. Well, I explored a few leads, but my follow through was bit wobbly. Contemplating your next move is such a huge thing. Should you grab whatever you can get in the short term or hold out for “the one”? Should you go freelance or search for something that’s full […]

False alarm

I was meanIng to blog yesterday, but I had a nightmare about work at 3am and woke up in a cold sweat. I tossed and turned for about 90 minutes, trying to will myself back to sleep. Then I remembered there was half a sleeping tablet buried somewhere on my dressing table from my last […]

The oh wells

Cheers to the long weekend! The weather app reckons it’s going to be hot and sunny in my neck of the woods. It’s still bloody cold in the water, but I see a swim in my future. I need one after my crap week. Not my favourite, what with being retrenched and all. But I’m […]