The oh wells

Cheers to the long weekend!

The weather app reckons it’s going to be hot and sunny in my neck of the woods. It’s still bloody cold in the water, but I see a swim in my future.

I need one after my crap week. Not my favourite, what with being retrenched and all. But I’m trying to keep calm and carry on.

The “oh wells” continued yesterday.

The plumber returned with a replacement vanity (you may recall he cut a hole in the side of the last one and ran a big, ugly external pipe along my wall). The new one looks nothing like the one he damaged, but I shrugged my shoulders and told him to go ahead and install it. He also used an ugly pipe, but I let that go too and will find a solution later.

I just want the bloody renovation to be over.

Elvis will be in the building again today because there are still so many little/big things to be done: shower screen, splashback, bits of skirting board, bits of architrave, replacement floorboards, ceiling man hole etc etc.

Not to mention all the plastering and electrical work.

I thought I’d actually be able to do a bit of washing yesterday since the plumbing was FINALLY finished, but no. It turns out the window architrave in the laundry is too wide and the washing machine can’t be pulled out, so the cord is trapped under the new benchtop. I didn’t notice until Elvis had left the building for the day.


Mind you, good stuff happened too. People expressed their shock and disappointment that I had been let go from my job, others vowed to try and help me find a new role. It was comforting to know that I was surrounded by people who believed in me.

I thought I was handling my PTSD pretty well until I went for a walk with a friend yesterday afternoon. I realised as we ambled along that I was strung out and tight in the chest, struggling to keep myself on an even keel.

My oh wells were replaced by cranky WTFs by the end of the day. I was pretty savage as I chopped the ingredients for dinner.

Angry. So angry.

But then the eldest curled up with me on the new green velvet sofa and we watched Kingsman and my mind was taken away from the shite stuff for a while, which was a good circuit breaker.

As for the long weekend, mine will be a pretty quiet one. How about yours?

Then the job of finding a job begins again.

Song of the day: INXS “I send a message”

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