Moving and shaking

I was a bit sad and sorry for myself when I woke up yesterday. Aside from feeling like I had a two-day hangover, the reality started to bite about what had transpired on Monday.

It was pretty blah.

But I didn’t have time to dwell, because it all started happening. The old laminex kitchen benchtops were removed. The new stone ones were installed. They’re not proper white, which is a little disappointing, but in light of the other sucky stuff this week, ah well …

And I have a confession … the two chairs I’d been admiring at IKEA arrived. I recklessly ordered them last week because there were only three available in Australia online. The fact there were only three got me all hot and bothered, so I pressed “add to cart”, which is a bit dumb in retrospect as I’m now unemployed and need to save my pennies.

But they’re pretty fab:

I’m also deeply enamoured with the $8 Kmart flamingo cushions.

It shook off my blues to have lots of lovely people touched base via text, calls and Facebook, giving condolences, advice, lunch offers, and making requests for my resume. I had coffee with a contact, I organised a cuppa with another next week, I accidentally sent the eldest’s resume instead of mine in a job application (argh!), I started the paperwork for JobSeeker, I gave the youngest a lift to the mall, I popped up to DD’s for a “poor me” hug, I chatted to a couple of recruiters, I pondered wall colours.

The living room is turning into a beige patchwork in my search for the perfect shade.

The wall colour rumination has moved from Hog Bristle to Glink’s Gully. It’s from the NZ 2020 colour directions guide. I’m presuming Glink’s Gully is a picturesque spot over there.

I painted half strength on the walls and it has potential, but not quite enough oomph, so I’m going back for a full strength sample pot today.

Busy, busy, busy.

I got briefly teary during my DD cuddle, but mainly I’ve felt motivated to make a positive next move. I’m so proud of my work on Drinks Trade and its success. It was my baby and I loved it and it will hurt if the effort I put in goes to waste.

OK, gotta go, the builders are back today – and hopefully the plumber too – to get my kitchen functional again and cart away the vast mound of rubble in the backyard. I’m not quite sure how the electrical stuff will get done, since I still don’t have a ceiling manhole … forgot to remind Elvis about that yesterday.

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to be kind, it’s been wonderful.

Song of the day: Taylor Swift “Shake it off”

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