Slow unravelling

The knots inside me continued their slow unravelling yesterday.

It’s been a difficult few years and it’s a relief to have that weight off my shoulders. It will soon be replaced by anxiety about paying my bills, but for now I feel happy and free.

I escaped the brick dust and mayhem at my house yesterday morning and headed to an “abs, butt & thighs” class at the gym, then cooled off with a glorious swim at the beach, had a delicious Malaysian lunch, collected the youngest from school and did a sip & paint class at my dining table with a friend.

It was such a nice day.

The sip & paint class was to celebrate the launch of a new rose spritz beverage called ROSIE. The class was held via Zoom and came with the warning that each bottle of ROSIE contains 2.8 standard drinks. Blimey! Fortunately my friend Mel walked to my place.

ROSIE comes in the most gorgeous bottle – which was the inspiration for our artwork – and is destined to be an Insta hit over summer.

The class was led by an artist called Olivia Molly Rogers, who has the audacity to be talented AND look like this:

Participants were sent painting kits, four-packs of ROSIE and the most delicious hamper of nibbles.

I had to find a space for us to sip and paint in the absolute carnage that is my never-ending home renovation. I carefully positioned us in front of the pantry doors, with the computer angled away from the mess.

The eldest obviously doesn’t get his artistic talent from me, because this was my finished result:

After the class, Mel got to meet the rats and was quite taken with them.

Brave woman!

And suddenly another week of unemployment is drawing to a close. I don’t know what the future holds, but I feel my confidence slowly beginning to heal. It’s bound to take a few knocks in the slog ahead, but the ideas and plans and dreams are already sparking in my head.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: Little Heroes “One perfect day”

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