Big dreams

“It’s not often someone texts you a picture of a half-finished toilet followed by poetry,” DD noted yesterday.

I’d sent him this photo of the render in my loo:

And I followed it with a few lines from ‘The Bait’, written by my favourite poet, John Donne … “We will some new pleasures prove,
Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks.”

The two text messages weren’t related. I tend to have four conversations at once. It can be hard to keep up.

I replied that unexpected juxtapositions were what made dating me such a unique joy.

I don’t think DD found it a joy on Saturday afternoon when he stood at Amber Tiles for an hour while I looked at every green tile in the store, in my continuing search for the perfect kitchen splashback tiles.

In the end I decided none of them were speaking to me and headed to a place called Terranova, where I agonised over these two tiles:

I’ve decided on the plain green ones. I think the glorious finger tiles might be a bit too groovy for my place (plus there’s the small matter of them being $30 a metre more expensive).

The rest of the weekend was spent therapeutically walking and talking with a parade of patient friends. My head is so full of plans – it’s very exciting/terrifying to be considering my next move.

I’d like to find something that challenges me to be more, rather than less. I’d love to work with peers who are energised by discussing ideas and eager to innovate.

A pandemic probably isn’t the right time for big dreams, but hope is what keeps you going.

Oh, and Sunday swims in the ocean with DD. They help too.

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Sweet dreams”

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