Kicked out

I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I could go into the office today.

Three electricians are arriving at 7am and they said it’s going to be so messy that the dogs and I must vacate the premises for the day.

I am temporarily homeless! If you spot me aimlessly wandering the streets you’ll know why. I see a lot of coffees in my future. Pity about the job hunting, it will have to go on hold for the day.

Hopefully I’m allowed back inside by 5pm because I have a ROSIE virtual Paint & Sip event to attend via Zoom.

The invitation arrived just before I left my old job and I’m still on the guest list as a freelance drinks writer!

ROSIE is a new rose spritz drink that’s about to hit the market. It looks so pretty, I can’t wait to try it.

As for the electricians, they made lots of progress yesterday. This is a pic of them in action:

By the end of today I should have just about all the electrical work done, other than the powerpoint on the splashback – which requires the tiling to be finished first … I have no idea when it will even START … since I haven’t even decided what sort of tiles to use.


The electricians also reckon I need a new metre box … at a cost of $1600 … oh-kay, I’ll get back to them on that.

And I’ll get back to you with some “after” pics soon. Gotta go and drape everything in plastic sheets now.

See ya!

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