What I DON’T want to hear

Do you know what a single parent doesn’t want to hear when she’s worked from 8.30am to 3pm, then driven to the school to collect her first born and take her to art class, then headed home to work a bit more, then prepped dinner, then collected the first born from art class, then grabbed […]

Fighting the feeling

I was a teensy bit emotional yesterday. Confession: I might be a little rattled by the kids moving in with my ex and his partner. Just a little. I’d rather they didn’t move in with her, but I also know that it’s inevitable when your ex is involved with someone else. Well, not inevitable. Not […]

Mother of a weekend

I took on a bit too much over the weekend, which isn’t like me at all. (It’s exactly like me.) I invited my mum and sister along to our local annual fireworks as a pre-Mother’s Day get-together and said I’d cater. Not just bung a few chips in bowls and wedges of cheese on a […]

I don’t want you to worry

I haven’t got anything to say this morning. I’m tired and coldy and it’s about time I wrote something funny but nothing funny has happened lately. (Well, nothing I can blog about …) Despite having absolutely nothing interesting to talk about, I thought I’d better blog regardless, just in case you worried I’d popped my […]

Needing what you can’t have

This meme popped up in my Facebook feed last night: The first name that popped into my head is DD, because our time together feels so insubstantial at the moment. Also because I’m feeling a bit poorly and need a cuddle, but he’s away for work. I thought I couldn’t say my boyfriend because that’s […]

I’m not OK with that

I’ve become a weird mix of conservative and liberated as I’ve aged. Things I thought would shock me don’t faze me at all … and things I should let slide really bug me. Yep, I’m going to be one of those loud, opinionated old people. Goodie. Something that’s been making me mouthy lately are the […]

They stole my idea!

I was doing some frantic lunchtime shopping at a Woolies yesterday (the fridge is bare after my obsessed fan visit to Melbourne and the hungry hordes will descend after school today with their middle-class demands for sourdough toast and mini packets of Kettle chips), when I noticed the supermarket had STOLEN MY IDEA. Well, they […]

The things we do for love

Remember your teenage obsessions? The burning need to read every word about them and watch every moment featuring them on stage and screen. Not to mention those endless daydreams about meeting them in real life! Mine was Neil Finn, seguing into David Duchovny and The X Files later in the decade … or was that […]

Totally ripped off

When my dear former Woman’s Day colleague Beryl posted on her Facebook feed yesterday that the entire Royal staff had been called into a special meeting at 11pm at night, I went into a total frenzy. Who calls their entire staff to a meeting at 11pm at night unless it’s really, really, really serious? “WHAT […]

Two places at once

It’s funny how all the big stuff hits at once. Actually, it’s not funny, it’s a bit tough, but you know what I mean. I faced a difficult single mothering dilemma this week: both kids faced something serious at the same time … 11am on Monday morning. I fretted over what to do for a […]