They stole my idea!

I was doing some frantic lunchtime shopping at a Woolies yesterday (the fridge is bare after my obsessed fan visit to Melbourne and the hungry hordes will descend after school today with their middle-class demands for sourdough toast and mini packets of Kettle chips), when I noticed the supermarket had STOLEN MY IDEA.

Well, they hadn’t really. I’ve done a search on HouseGoesHome and I never actually put the idea down on paper. But I DEFINITELY had it. You can ask my ex, who had to listen to me rabbit on about it endlessly.

My idea was called “Dinner in a Bag”. It was everything you needed and nothing you didn’t to prepare a dinner from scratch, all packaged up in a brown bag.

And LOOK what I found at Woolies …

They must have overheard me all those years ago and decided pockets were finally deep enough to pay $25 to make your own dinner.

I’ve gone a bit quiet on the mad ideas since I met DD, but there were soooooo many of them during the married years.

I started out wanting a B&B, moved on to a Babies R Us for dolls, the pet shop filled with fake pets, Dinner in A Bag, an indoor beach with tiki bar, a vegetarian restaurant called No Bull, and and and …

My brain relentlessly churned out inspirations.

These days I focus on paying the bills. The crazy dreams are on the back burner.

Although I did suggest to DD last night that he should open Australia’s first pharmacy/cafe and call it Medicine Man.

(He used to be a pharmacist a loooooooong time ago … I’ve realised he was studying to be a pharmacist when I was a naive 13-year-old wanting to be a pharmacist …spoooooooky.)

I’m thinking the cafe should have Native American themed decor.

DD wisely ignored my suggestion.

But I think it’s AWESOME. I have a very vivid imagination. The cafe looks something like THIS …

Crossed with THIS …

But not really. (It was a bit hard to find exactly what I was looking for on Google search.)

I used to love Native American jewellery back in the day. I have a carved silver eagle ring that totally rocks.

Anyways … back to the real world.

Have you ever had a crazy business idea?

Song of the day: Hall & Oates “You make my dreams come true”



4 thoughts on “They stole my idea!

  1. I would go to Medicine Man. And the indoor beach with Tiki bar.

    My idea? Artist-designed tissue boxes. Cool artists like the ones Gorman collaborates with so brilliantly. I take offence to the boring naff designs on tissue boxes because they are an ITEM OF DECOR in your home. On the kitchen bench, there are photos of tulips on a box. On the desk, I have a box of wan apricot. In the bathroom, there is a non-descript pattern in blue.

    Now Kleenex had the right (MY!) idea months ago and did some nice prints, but it looks like everyone prefers apricot. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Fark, I’d take a plain Kraft paper tissue box any day over bad design and stock photography. Now that’s an idea…

    Also, years ago, I thought that tampons should be packaged in plain/nice/chic boxes. That big idea got nicked too.

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