Vivid memories

Full disclosure: Vivid 2017 wasn’t – as my youngest would say – my favourite. But it was still pretty magical. I love a sparkly light. I may have mentioned my only disappointment with my wedding prep (aside from failing to book a cab to the ceremony) was that there weren’t enough fairylights. I loooooooove fairy lights.

Vivid has become a bit of a fixture on the calendar for DD and I. We slip into town early in the week when the crowds are low, park nice and close to the action (we got a spot in a The Rocks carpark for just $10 for the night) and have a wander.

Circular Quay wasn’t a patch on last year. Even Customs House wasn’t lit up. I remember being blown away by some of the installations on the western side last year, but it was pretty empty this time around.

We sat down at Cargo Bar for some naughty, carby food and a glass of wine, then made our way to the Botanic Gardens for a wander. Later, as we made our way back to the car we stumbled across two lovely installations in laneways that were among my favourites near The Basement. We also ducked into The Basement and watched an hour of live music with lots of sax and trumpet before finally heading home.

My verdict: lots of lovely bits, but definitely not worth battling the crowds to see it on a busy night. Although, the youngest is pestering me to go and check it out, so I might be tempted back into the city.

Here are some pretty pictures I took:

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