Is he worth it?

Soooo, every man and his dog has been tagging me on Facebook to let me know David Duchovny is touring Australia … as a singer.

Waaaaay back in the ’90s, when I was the production editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, I was totally obsessed with David Duchovny.

My office was plastered with pictures of The X-Files star and I was constantly plotting ways to meet him. My obsession became legend in the corridors of ACP Magazines – the editor of Woman’s Day even called one day to say she’d had a tip-off that I was the Aussie fan who’d been sending him sexually explicit jigsaw puzzles (and did I want to sell my story)..

It wasn’t April Fool’s Day.


All these years later, I’m wondering whether I really want to cough up the moolah – $79 – to see David warble on stage? Is the spark still alive or is there only room in my heart for one guitar-playing DD these days?

(I wrote a blog post back in May 2014 called Living in Hope detailing why I enjoyed the last season of David Duchovny’s Californication, despite it being really crass and frequently stupid. I explained: “I blame it on DD, the sexy, erudite, witty beast. Please let there be single 50-year-old men like him lurking around in the real world.” Voila, five months later, there WAS one in my life! And I unwittingly gave him the nickname DD on the blog. Cue The X-Files spooky theme music …)

David Duchovny only learned to play the guitar fairly recently, after he split up with his wife Tea Leoni, to fill the hours when his children weren’t staying with him.

He’s also had extensive vocal coaching and has admitted “while I’ll probably never be a good singer, I can sing.”

I dunno that I’m blown away by those muso credentials … And the venues he’s playing at are slightly eclectic too – 170 Russell, Melbourne; Metro Theatre, Sydney; Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong; Wests City, Newcastle; and Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane.

They’re even offering a $280 VIP meet and greet package, where you can get your pic snapped with the man himself.

Poor David. (Actually, rich David … so I’m not really sure why he’s putting himself through that.)

I’m torn. Tickets go on sale on Friday … should I book some?

Song of the day: Madonna “I deserve it”

6 thoughts on “Is he worth it?

  1. Nope, seeing that would burst the Californication bubble, I reckon!
    Better to wait for the new X-Files movie!
    Besides, as you said, you have your very own DD now!

  2. That would have to be one of the best April Fools I’ve heard. I love the DD connection to the X Files.

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