Not like me at all

It wasn’t my idea of swimming weather yesterday. A few showers and a struggle to 22C.

My idea of swimming weather is 38C. Hence it’s a rare occurrence – a bit like when Brigadoon comes.

But I thought, bugger it, I’m staying across the road from the ocean, it would be a crime not go for a splash.

And it was glorious.

Chilly but completely glorious. I floated around for ages. my gorgeous orange pedicure bobbing above the gentle waves.

I might venture out of my comfort zone and do it again today, so I can board the plane this afternoon all salty skinned and tousle haired and arrive in Sydney feeling like I’ve really been away.

(Below is as close as you’ll get to a cossie selfie from me.)

The rest of yesterday was a gentle mix of meeting the local wildlife …

Going for a walk and admiring the local scenery …


Trying the burger voted Australia’s best by TripAdvisor …


(Nice, but the BEST is a big call.)

And lazing around shooting the breeze with my mate while sipping vodka, lime and soda, with a table of dips and olives and pita bread laid out before us.

Loved every minute.

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