The coincidences MUST STOP

As I was making Jamie Oliver’s British carbonara last night, the kids sprung “Muuuuuuuum, it’s crazy sock day at school tomorrow!” on me. Of course, all the crazy socks got turfed in the great move of 2014. So, being a total pushover, I said “OK, OK, let me finish dinner then we’ll go to Westfield […]

The politics of crop tops

The eldest has requested a crop top. This is hardly surprising since she is centimetres shy of my height, her size 9 adult thongs barely fit and I just bought her size 8 adult shorts that are only slightly too big. You could safely say she’s on the Amazonian spectrum and puberty can’t be far […]

Ooooh, harsh!

It’s funny the reactions people have to my blog. A dear friend contacted me about yesterday’s post, concerned I was a suicide risk. I was a bit startled she might think that, since the blog was actually about doing stuff that’s irresponsible but fun. And topping myself isn’t high on that list. Actually, it’s not […]

I know I shouldn’t, but …

I can’t help myself. I’ve spent most of my life being very, very sensible. And I feel like being a bit stupid for a change. Even as a teenager, I had my head screwed on a little too tightly. Oh, I had my fair share of spews after drinking too much, but you’d basically describe […]

I thought I’d found my dream house

But no, the real estate agent misled me. When I asked him at the front door about price expectations he quoted a figure that I might just have been able to afford (even after I factored in the 10%+ you invariably add on top). I spent the morning and early afternoon in a giddy haze […]

I turned down Orlando Bloom

Now that I have your attention … I didn’t so much turn down Orlando Bloom as show a distinct lack of interest in him. I’m not sure what it says about me. Either I have boulders in my head or that I’ve matured in some belated and completely unexpected fashion. Right … Time to stop […]

Morning madness

Wednesday mornings are always a bit stressy in the Household, but yesterday took the Black Forest cake. It kicked off at 4am with a serenade from the neighbour’s illegal rooster, followed by a Niagra Falls of rain cascading over the farked guttering in my rental. I staggered out of bed at 6am, hopelessly underprepared with […]