Ooooh, harsh!


It’s funny the reactions people have to my blog. A dear friend contacted me about yesterday’s post, concerned I was a suicide risk.

I was a bit startled she might think that, since the blog was actually about doing stuff that’s irresponsible but fun. And topping myself isn’t high on that list. Actually, it’s not on that list at all.

I assured her I was loving life waaaaaay too much to want it to end. The surges of joy are getting more and more frequent and the moments of sadness are fewer and farther between.

While I’m on the subject of blog reactions … I made a reader VERY cross on Monday night. They felt ripped off and misled because I tweeted a link with the teaser “I turned down Orlando Bloom”

This is what they wrote in the comment section of my blog …

Weak. This article is just a cheap call for attention and a hypocritical one. ‘Now that I have your attention … I didn’t so much turn down Orlando Bloom as show a distinct lack of interest in him.’ – That’s says it all. You are using his name to bring people to read this boring essay about some boring motivations and boring people. The only amusing part is that you are using his photo. Heh.
I feel sorry that I wasted my time when I clicked on your link. I guess you can feel proud for the “big achievement” in your life. Wish some people used the “My dear diary”-thing on a regular paper way instead of using Internet and the mega-hunks names and “their carry-on” to satisfy the diary owner’s ego. Though I’d feel sorry for the trees used to make the paper for it. Bye now.

I tend to keep my head down (when I’m not railing against my former employer for writing scurrilous lies about Kathleen Folbigg), so I’ve pretty much avoided negative comments at HouseGoesHome. Thank gawd, as my crocodile skin isn’t quite as thick as it should be. So I find it fascinating rather than offensive when the jibes come. This one just made my eyeballs rattle because some people have NO SENSE OF HUMOUR.

I presume the poor, sad, anonymous (aren’t they always) Orlando Bloom junkie had been searching Twitter for kicks, saw my link and went “ooooooooh”, clicked on it and had all their pervy hopes instantly dashed.

And they got so pissed off that they’d wasted precious seconds clicking that they wasted precious minutes writing a grumpy comment on my unworthy blog about it.

Makes total sense.

And here’s my reply: Suck it up anonymous princess, welcome to the real world.

After almost 30 years as a journalist, I understand the importance of a good headline. If you don’t put a sexy headline on it, it’s not going to sell newspapers or magazines and farking no-one is going to click on the link.

It doesn’t matter how good the writing might be.

Spin is what I do – and I’m not about to apologise for it. Take the story I wrote for yesterday called “7 holidays that can get you pregnant” … much snappier than “7 fertility destinations” (my original headline) dontcha reckon? OK, that might not be the best example, but it’s the most recent …

Self-justifying rant over.

Now, confess: did you feel ripped off by my Orlano Bloom headline? Or think I was a suicide risk yesterday? Come on, give it to me straight.

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Would I Lie To You?”





14 thoughts on “Ooooh, harsh!

  1. Of course not and of course not! Some people need to grow a humour bone. A good response.

    The writer must have been really disappointed to read “Naked with 2 Women” or several other blog titles written with a tongue, well and truly placed, in one’s cheek!

  2. Answer: No and no. I love your blog, your sense of humour and most recently your heart wrenching honesty. You give me insight into a part of life that I haven’t (and wont experience), that of a journalist. And I can laugh along at your antics with your children as a mum myself. Keep up the enticing head lines which are such a small part of the amazingness that is your blog. 🙂

  3. No, not at all, didn’t feel ripped off by headline and didn’t think you were a suicide risk yesterday! I just thought, ‘good on her for having some fun, I wonder what the definition of naughty is?’ As for Orlando headline, yes, it was a juicy headline – but it was true – you DID turn him down. I would’ve used the same headline if I’d turned down an interview. The headlines are part of what makes your blog and your writing polished. Love your work!

  4. No and no. I was not ripped off…although I have met only one celebrity in my entire life..and it was Orlando Bloom…and seriously he was the nicest person and not a wanker at all…I didn’t think yesterday’s blog sounded drastic..sensible is overrated. Just keep having fun with your blog…and your life (obviously).

      • It’s not that glamorous…I was working at a children’s hospital and he turned up. He made no fuss and didn’t have any PR people with him. He stayed for more than 2 hours..and honestly he was just lovely. You could tell he was a star though…as parents where thrusting their babies in to his arms (and some had drips and quite scary medical issues) and he didn’t bat an eyelid. He was obviously used to random people hugging him. He was small like all stars are in real life…but he really had nice charisma. I was a little bit in love with him that night..

  5. Not a bit! I commented on your Orlando post and recall thinking it was a great segway – especially since it was true that you turned him down (and for a superior reason ie, a moonlit walk!)

    “Suck it up princess” indeed *insert eye-roll* Some people are beyond silly…

    PS: Love that clip, think it’s my favourite Annie Lennox song 🙂

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