You won’t believe what I’m installing in the bedroom

As the youngest and I walked to school yesterday, her warm little hand in mine, we excitedly discussed our decorating plans for her new bedroom … for like, the millionth time  …


She is her mother’s daughter.

We haven’t found a house to buy, there’s not even a sniff of one. But it’s still more than six months until her birthday, so we need something to Google on the sofa together.

We’ve settled on something with a vaguely junior Pamela Andersonesque vibe (that sounds a little disturbing, I know, but bear with me): a trapeze above the bed and a fireman’s pole in the corner that leads from an attic playroom above … Oh, and a swing and a balance beam and lots of gym mats.

The youngest is quite sporty, so she’s stoked.

The initial inspiration came from the new IKEA catalogue. Bless IKEA!

This pic was our starting point:


We also quite loved these fab ideas  ….




If there’s enough room we’re installing a slide as well, because every kid needs a slide in their room … don’t they??

indoor slides

I know it ‘s soooooo not good for resale and she’ll grow out of it all in a few years and all that, but I figure what the hell, let’s do it anyway.

Childhood is short and sweet. Being a grown-up is long and often arduous. I want to make my kids’ lives (and mine) as magical as possible.

Viva la slide!

Song of the day: Elton John “Crocodile Rock” (just because it’s fun)





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