20 awesome (painted) pregnant bellies

Often, I read advice on how to grow your blog followers. It invariably suggests sticking to a theme and not straying far from it. It seems the key to success is being known for SOMETHING not EVERYTHING.

I am not very good at sticking to a theme. Especially when I am fatigued from two days of Royal Baby Fever.

So I’m going completely random today and cheerily present … body painting for baby bumps …

It’s kinda inspired by the last two days of madness, as I’ve been reading so much about the new Royal mum and dad. No baby bump painting for them, I’m pretty damn sure.

One particularly poignant article I saw discussed how Prince William and Kate got 4 precious hours after the birth when the baby was THEIRS before it became OURS. The announcement he’d been born was held back to give them time together as a regular family. It made me incredibly happy and terribly sad at the same time.

And now the rest of their lives will be anything BUT regular. I felt so sorry for Prince William putting the bub in the car seat. That’s hard enough for a first-time dad when no-one is watching, let alone the world.

And then all the criticism started pouring in about how he hadn’t done it right …

There you go, I’ve even managed to go off topic when I’m being off topic. There is no hope for HouseGoesHome. No hope at all.

On with the bellies …

Looks like this womb needs a stronger wifi signal …


Some babies are the cat’s meow. Others are more the cat’s …


Somebody’s a little too eager to get out … 

Nine months twiddling its thumbs … I kinda get the lone wolf imagery …


Why sex with a video game is never a good idea …


Somebody bring the oxytocin before this one melts …


Hmmmm, I think there’s something fishy going on here ( via Nancy Cartoon) …


That’s one way to save on a gift …


Happy Halloween!


Oooooo … she’s game …


She’s got the whole world in her hands …


Just in case you couldn’t guess what was in there …


The latest attraction, complete with popcorn …

Spoilers … (via designsbyjennfacepainting.com)

it's a girl=belly

Well, I did FEEL like an elephant towards the end of my pregnancy … (via The Loop)

Celebrities do it too …


“Hey guys! I took this pic of the baby bump this morning – smiling just for you!” Holly Madison wrote on her site.


While pregnant with son Luca, Hilary Duffdecorated the Christmas tree … and her belly. She posted this pic on Twitter with the message: “Happy holidays from the three of us!”


While pregnant with twins Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah Carey shared a photo of a huge butterfly painted on her bump with the words “dem babies” written above it. A few weeks later, she had a blue egg and two hearts painted on her bump for Easter.


A month before her son Ever arrived in December 2010, Alanis Morrisette shared a photo of her henna-embellished baby bump on social media with the message: “Some rituals surprise in the heart-warming department.”tori-spelling-660

Tori Spelling celebrated her her fourth pregnancy with son Finn by getting her kids Liam, Stella and Hattie to put paint handprints on her belly. “I think it turned out so well! They had a great time participating and the picture will look amazing hanging in the baby’s room,” she wrote on her website. It wasn’t the first time, her kids also got creative during her pregnancy with youngest daughter Hattie. 

If you were going to paint your belly (gawd knows WHY) – what design would you want. I’m thinking something glittery. I’m a sucker for glitter. 

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