Too many distractions

I am trying to keep my mother guilt in check, despite how appallingly I have neglected my children during the school holidays.

They’ve been left to fend for themselves while I’ve been distracted by a gazillion different projects in my search for a new career groove.

I was shocked to realize I didn’t even check on the absent youngest on Wednesday night. She went straight from a sleepover on Tuesday to one on Wednesday without me laying eyes on her and I forgot to ask for a proof of life photo.

Fortunately, when I belatedly texted her yesterday morning, she confirmed she was alive and kicking, or should I say skipping – there’s been an awful lot of that over the last few weeks too. She finalised her solo routine yesterday for the virtual World Skipping Championships, where she will be representing Australia as the 13 Years Champion … sorry, I can’t stop dropping that into conversation, I’m just so tickled by the bizarre novelty of it.

I also can’t quite believe the kids are almost back at school again after me spending most of December and January in front of a computer, frantically working on various projects, none of which have resulted in a pay check yet.

Next week is invoicing time and I’m hoping its also when I ditch my brief stint on JobSeeker. Stay tuned for some news on that front and keep everything crossed for me.

As for my motherly duties, they’re equally challenging to perform … when I remember to do them. While the eldest has been living with me full-time since the last rat respiratory disease emergency, he only emerges from his garage/bedroom to eat. Although there was an unexpected baking session yesterday that resulted in this carrot cake:

I am using Malaysian takeaway as an enticement to get him to watch tellie with me tonight, after the youngest leaves for a weekend away with her dad.

The rest of my weekend will be spent fanning myself during the predicted heatwave and ducking up to the Northern Beaches for the occasional dip in the surf.

I’ve noticed there still appears to be a little prejudice towards the Northern Beaches following its pre-Christmas COVID cluster, so it’s been easier to get a park than usual.

Our mate who’s a lifesaver at Bilgola Beach is loving the lack of tourists … I think everyone up there was annoyed and thrilled in equal measure to be cut off from the rest of Sydney during the lockdown … Much like Western Australia, they’d be quite happy to secede.

DD rarely leaves the insular peninsula these days, which I think indicates he’s become a true local now.

While he and most of Australia appear to be taking Monday off to make it a four-day weekend, I’ve volunteered to do a bit of work over the break. But I may give the blog a rest – I think I need to do a bit of recharging to get it back up to scratch – I fear it’s been a bit sub-par of late.

Anyways, what about you? Are you having a four-day knock off?

Song of the day: Thirsty Merc “In the summertime”

5 thoughts on “Too many distractions

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  1. My long weekend will be spent taking the feral to a Taree swimming carnival, 2nite, be home 6pm sat nite. the a fun filled 3 days of packing ready to move in2 my new home NEXT SATURDAY!!!

  2. No four-day weekend here, working in my contract job in the office. Have a deadline for Wednesday. Hope you’re having a good one and that you get some ocean dips in. In Canberra these days you have to book a spot at the local pool!

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