Frog in a sock

One of the fun things about the contracting work I’m currently doing – other than all the brainstorming – is that the audience I’m targeting is ME: women around the age of 40-60.

I sit there each day thinking: what do I want to read about? It’s a big change from wondering: what do bottle shop owners want to read about? (Although I do love cracking that “code”.)

Last week I ran a story called “7 reasons you feel so tired after 40” and it went off like a frog in a sock. Watching those stats sent my dopamine levels through the roof, which ironically meant I suddenly felt very alive rather than semi comatose.

I’m now pondering what this week’s major health concern should be. There are so many story options to choose from during this ailment filled stage of life.

Oh, and I’m sorry there hasn’t been much to laugh about at HouseGoesHome lately. The combination of living in very strange times, unemployment and no DD sucked the joy out of me.

I felt stirrings of my old self yesterday, which was so nice. Hopefully funny incidents rather than world weary ones aren’t far off for the blog.

I thought the picture I’ve used to illustrate today’s post – sent to me by the eldest yesterday arvo – was pretty funny. Those teeth! I shared it on Facebook, noting that a vet once recommended that Charlie get braces. A friend replied: “only you could have a dog with braces”.

Mind you, just when I thought I’d heard it all, I discovered yesterday that you can get sun suits for your furry friend to protect them from skin cancer … very fetching … lol.

Oh and my weird brain tried to entertain me just before I woke up this morning with a dream about a young DD in scrubs. Its approximation of him with dark hair was very haphazard – he looked a bit like Clark Gable crossed with Gomez Adams and nothing like himself, but the scrubs were very alluring. Thanks brain!

So how’s January 2021 treating you? Seen any improvement on the shitestorm that was 2020?

Song of the day: George Harrison “Here comes the sun”

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