Snake in the grass

The youngest sent me this scary photo yesterday morning with NO explanation.

I texted back: “Where the hell is that?”

She replied: “Outside the house near the side gate.”

I texted: “Is it dead????”

She replied: “Yes.”

I texted: “How big is it?” And almost retched as I zoomed in and saw all the exposed bones while I waited for her reply.

She replied: “Pretty small.”

I texted: “Still horrifying.”

Then I texted DD and sent him the photo, with the caption: “Look what’s in our yard.”

He replied: “Wow!! Didn’t see that coming. Wonder what killed it?”

While the snake was presumably killed by a bird, I decided to keep the drama alive by not updating DD on its diminutive dimensions.

Then I texted the eldest, as my children don’t interact much due to spending most of their lives in their bedrooms and being VERY different characters (the first thing I’d have done as a kid was excitedly alert my sibling) and said: “There’s a dead snake in the yard!”

The eldest replied: “Cool, I will check it out. Can I use it for my art project?”

As you do.

I texted: “Yes. Did you find it?”

The eldest replied: “Yeah, I’m gonna let the ants clean it a bit more.”

As you do.

When I got home, the eldest announced he’d buried the snake in the garden to decompose and would resurface the skeleton at a later date.

As you do.

And there’s your happy ending for the day. Dead snake earmarked to be turned into found object art project following ant degustation and burial.

That was about as exciting as Tuesday got, aside from me going back to the gym for my first Pump class since early December. It was a bit unsettling, not due to COVID, but because the gym is only a block from where I used to work. PTSD! However, with class numbers so restricted at the moment, beggars couldn’t be choosers. Fitness kick, here I come.

Song of the day: The Alan Parsons Project “Snake Eyes”

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