Not so dense

I had a mammogram yesterday. I’ve been fretting about my right boob for the past 10 days, ever since I bent down to shave my legs in the shower and felt a sore spot near my armpit as it rested on my knee. The soreness has been migrating its way around my boob ever since. […]

The seltzer workout

I walk with my friend Mel on Monday nights and we decided make Dan Murphy’s our destination last night. #badmoms I’ve been bending Mel’s ear about my fondness for low-cal alcoholic seltzer and she wanted me to show her around the seltzer section so she could pick up a few good ones to take on […]

Escaping the blue

Three weeks after going into lockdown with his mum on December 21, DD was finally free to leave the Northern Beaches at midnight on Saturday. It was a bugger that both of us weren’t working for most of his seclusion and it’s felt like an eternity since I was allowed to cross the Narrabeen Bridge. […]

Life goes on

The ordinary life I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post doesn’t seem too bad in light of the events that transpired after I pressed “publish”. I didn’t realize as I blithely blathered about my dull life that Trump supporters were attempting to overthrow democracy in the US. And I immediately wished I could press “unpublish” when […]

Ordinary life

I can’t believe I’m saying this in the midst of a global pandemic (and the riots in Washington WTF), but my life has been a bit dull lately. With DD in lockdown and the kids spending their school holidays either away with their dad or in bed, there hasn’t been much to write about at […]

Returning to Capeside

One of my favourite TV shows from the 90s, Dawson’s Creek, has arrived on Netflix and I’ve hooked the youngest onto it. I figured if she was obsessed with Gilmour Girls – she’s watched every season of the show at least twice – she’d enjoy this coming of age show too. Kevin Williamson, the show’s […]

Girded loins

This time last year I wrote a blog post called “How would you rate 2019?” I was sooooo naive. But then, we all were. I noted – as bushfires raged through NSW and a pall of smoke hung in the air – that I had lost my spirit during a challenging 12 months and was […]

Rash move

The youngest returned home from her Christmas holiday on Saturday with severe tonsilitis. Antibiotics have helped, but she’s still been very crook. On Saturday night she showed me her chest, which was covered in a rash. It was one of those “I’m a 52-year-old mother, I should know what to do” moments where I had […]

Celebs share NYE photos & messages

It was a very subdued New Year’s Eve around the globe for everyone this year, including celebrities. But I’m thrilled that Sam Armytage had her dream wedding day with Richard Lavender. Sam, 44, and Richard, 61, tied the knot at his Southern Highlands estates. Sam shared an official wedding photo – taken by Abbie Melle […]