Escaping the blue

Three weeks after going into lockdown with his mum on December 21, DD was finally free to leave the Northern Beaches at midnight on Saturday.

It was a bugger that both of us weren’t working for most of his seclusion and it’s felt like an eternity since I was allowed to cross the Narrabeen Bridge.

I can’t imagine how isolation has felt for him. Fortunately he’s had this very nice deck to sit on and pass the time …

In fact, he didn’t even venture far from it on his first day of freedom – we just went to the beach for a swim. But it was a novelty for me to be allowed to join him there yesterday for a glass of our favourite rose.

Although, having a swim took a lot longer than expected because the first six beaches we tried were riddled with bluebottles. We were about to give up hope when we finally arrived at Collaroy and the lifesavers assured us it was stinger free.

We had an outdoor dinner at a local Italian place and I stayed the night up north, since the eldest owes me around 500 years in dog sitting for all those rat medical bills I’ve paid lately. It means I will also get to have a coffee on the Avalon headland before heading to work.

In other happy news I had the most delicious poke bowl with the youngest for lunch yesterday and tried out my new shower for the first time. It felt very luxe. I need to remember to relish the small things more during this time when the big things are insurmountable.

Hope you had a good weekend in your neck of the woods and COVID didn’t steal too many of your dreams.

Song of the day: George Michael “Freedom”

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