The seltzer workout

I walk with my friend Mel on Monday nights and we decided make Dan Murphy’s our destination last night. #badmoms

I’ve been bending Mel’s ear about my fondness for low-cal alcoholic seltzer and she wanted me to show her around the seltzer section so she could pick up a few good ones to take on holidays with her next week.

My top recommendations were the Liberty Coast Raspberry and Hint Watermelon. The selection was a bit limited – all the White Claw had been stripped from the shelves, I presume in a New Year’s millennial frenzy. I wonder whether Lion will have to fly in another 4000 cases on Singapore Airlines?

We figured it would add some weight training to our workout if we carried them home. Naturally, we ran into another school mum on the way … which was ever so slightly embarrassing when she asked what was in the bag we were hefting.

Then Mel painted my roots for me while we drank a glass of pink wine. We finished off by watching a few Leanne Morgan comedy vignettes on YouTube. A non-traditional, but highly productive and enjoyable start to the week.

I was a bit knackered though, because I am very not good at sleepovers. DD even gallantly offered me my preferred side of the bed on Sunday night, but I didn’t want to put him out. So I lay wide eyed while he started to gently deep breathe, eventually nodded off, then woke up a few hours later busting to do a wee, but was worried about waking him. Eventually I inched out of bed and then couldn’t get back to sleep again for EVER.

I was telling Mel about my sleeping battles. My brain actually woke me up at 5.30am on Saturday morning to inform me I’d put the wrong date on my last Drinks Digest e-newsletter. Mel agreed that was a bit bizarre. I could do without my brain deciding I needed to know stuff like that at dawn.

Last night’s sleep was marred by issues with my sore armpit, which is making me uncomfortable and nervous, so I’m off to the doctor this afternoon. Never a dull moment.

OK, I can hear the dogs scratching at the door, better go. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve scored some around your way.

Song of the day: Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It”

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