Rush job

Excuse the state of today’s blog post, it’s a bit of a half-arsed shambles. Life has been too hectic.

I sweatily rushed around yesterday morning trying to erect barricades to keep the dogs off the floorboards while the new polish is drying. Then I hooned off to do a solid eight hours of contracting work, hooned back home to grab the youngest and hooned up to DD’s for refreshing swim in the ocean.

We picked up a quick bite of takeaway to have on his deck, then drove home so I could barricade the dogs into the back room for the night and put together a Drinks Digest weekly newsletter before crashing in bed.

So about all I have for you is the news that filming has begun for the virtual World Skipping Championships. I went to pick the girls up on Tuesday night and their head coach, a Japanese bloke called TK, was busily braiding hair for the videos, which brought a smile to my face. Aside from being a dab hand at hair styling, he’s also a primary school teacher, the former global head of skipping and a ceramicist.

The youngest had also been keeping herself busy at her dad’s place making sugar-free babkas. A babka is a sweet braided bread or cake which originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine.

Since my kitchen was out of bounds yesterday, she informed me she’d watched the entire series of Bridgerton instead. I was a bit horrified, as it’s full of sex, but the youngest seemed completely unfazed and said she didn’t fancy the blokes because of their sideburns.

Speaking of Bridgerton, an old friend I haven’t seen for donkey’s years told me on Facebook: “I was thinking about you a lot as I’ve binge-watched Bridgerton – something about the lead actress Pheobe D – as she was made up in that – reminded me of you.”

I’m delightedly taking that compliment, though I look so decrepit these days that if she saw me she definitely wouldn’t make that comparison!

OK, gotta go, there are dogs to walk and barricade and more contracting to be done. The floors get their final coat today and will be ready to walk on by Saturday. So I see a little more takeaway in our future.

Catch you tomoz!

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