Too good to be true

I almost fell off my chair at Norths Leagues Club on Wednesday night when the eldest texted me and asked: “How’s your week been so far?”

I’m lucky if she answers my text messages, let alone sends unsolicited ones. Sigh, teenagers.

Sure enough, her dad told her to do it.

Ah, well. It was nice to hear from her.

Both kids have sent me snow pics. They’ve done so well with their holiday timing – who would have thought the conditions would be so good on the eve of October?


The youngest also sent a bonus shot of her snowboarding bruises. They were pretty gnarly.

Apparently the eldest got horribly sunburnt on day 1. She’s a little too cocky about being a redhead with proper melanin coverage and didn’t reapply her sunscreen.

I got an outraged message from the youngest last night saying: “She is using my QV and I don’t have any and I have a very dry face.”

She added that she was “housing a Nivea thing” instead, then corrected it to say “*yousing”. She cracks me up.

Meanwhile, the festival of catching up with people I haven’t seen all year continues. Last night was spent with my friend Rebecca at one of Sydney’s Small Bars. She’s from Orange, so we drank Luna Rosa rose and ate fried chicken soft tacos and talked about raising teens and juggling jobs and building back decks and the merits of converted shipping container swimming pools and the joy of $20 IKEA coffee tables.


I really need to lay off the fried chicken tacos if I’m going to be a sexy leprechaun at my 50th birthday next year. But fried chicken tacos are so delicious …

Speaking of my 50th, I pressed my nose against the glass of my desired birthday venue yesterday morning and it appears to have a permanent disco ball and lighting hanging from the ceiling. I think it’s meant to be.

Finally, I’ve fretted about telling you this, but I’m taking my blogging holiday from today. I’ll be back on October 10 … wow … that feels so far away. But it’s time for a break. I’m blogged out. And I’ll have so many cool photos to share with you on my return.

Oh, and dramas. There are always dramas. I am the drama queen.

Catch ya in 11 days!

Song of the day: Alice Cooper “School’s out”




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