It’s here!

There was much to love about yesterday.

I finally got to cuddle the youngest and congratulate her – in person – on her wins when her dad brought her over to get her schooliform and school bag.

I also got to examine the medals she’s been wearing virtually continuously since the competition ended (apparently even on the plane home) and discover that my ex got it WRONG.

Team Teal actually won three silver medals and one gold, not one bronze, one gold and two silver.

Here’s a very, very low-quality video of their gold medal routine. I’m hoping it’s just low quality because the ex sent it on his phone, but you get a vague idea of what it was like:

Here it is in higher definition at States, when they made a few mistakes because the youngest was sooooo crook:

I could have been skiting way more if I’d known it was THREE silver medals and one gold! Actually, that’s debatable, I’ve been going to town on the fact I have a sporty child.

And my wetsuit arrived from the UK, with a matching mini one for the youngest. Woo-hoo. I totally love it. I haven’t been game to try it on yet, but fingers crossed. I can’t wait to take it for a spin over the school hols.

It was nice to be able to hand one to the youngest when I picked her up from school as a pressie for her achievements up north. Though there was a bit of over-tired complaining about how tight the sleeves were.

She requested a lift home because she’s so knackered – she got off the plane at 10pm on Monday night, collapsed in bed and had trouble getting up the next morning because her stomach muscles were hurting so much from all the skipping, then got dragged over to my place to get dressed and be hustled to school (again with medals clanking).

Poor petal.

She also requested spag bol for her celebratory dinner, which is so not my fave, but oh-kaaaaay … until I realised I’d forgotten to defrost the pre-made treat. So I talked her into meatball curry with roti instead. It was delish!

Finally, I got to give DD a cuddle – and a meatball – on his way home from his daughter’s high school graduation, which was a lovely bonus not usually in my life on a Tuesday night.

(Did we have graduations when we went to school? I just remember exams and a formal.)

All in all, a damn fine line-up for a Tuesday.

Song of the day: The Rolling Stones “Ruby Tuesday”

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