Falling off the wagon

I’d been so good. Strictly no alcoholic beverages unless at social occasions. But yesterday broke me. Well, it chipped the rim. As I rarely drink at home these days, my wine rack was pretty bare. I resorted to opening the freebie bottle of Chambers Muscat I was given at the ALSA Conference last month. It […]

Wearing the pants

I finally saw that appalling “say no” ad in all its shameful glory on the tellie last night. You know, the one with the deluded mum scaremongering  that saying “yes” will lead to boys wearing dresses to school. Eye roll. Don’t they do that in Scotland all the time as a mark of national pride? […]

Nobody will hold your hand

A former colleague, Kelly Baker, wrote a heartfelt post for 9Honey this week about how tough single motherhood can be. She said: “Please don’t refer to yourself as a single mother unless you are one. Don’t say it as a joke. Don’t suggest you now have an understanding of what it’s like because your husband […]

Putting myself out there

I joined RSVP three years ago this month. Happy anniversary to meeeeeeee! Actually, joining RSVP was a pretty miserable milestone – hated it – but the experience ended well. I explained to the youngest the other day that I met DD on a dating website. She was HORRIFIED. It was funny to realise I’d never […]

Funk to very funky

I was in such a baaaaaaaad mood when DD arrived at my place on Saturday afternoon. I think it was a combination of exhaustion from my Australian drinks Awards marathon and a little too much alone time with my over-thoughts. After listening to me rant for 10 minutes while viciously dissecting a bunch of celery […]

I’d been hoping for more glamour

I finally finished writing stories and posting photographs from the 2017 Australian drinks Awards at about 12.10am last night. As I started shutting down the computer I  remembered I’d promised you some happy snaps. I was pretty knackered at that point. I know it sounds very glamorous to go to the 2017 Australian drinks Awards, […]

Lurking on the darker side

While I’ve had my “respectable” moments in journalism – as a cadet at the Newcastle Morning Herald and as editorial director of Singapore Harper’s Bazaar – I’ve mostly spent my career on the “darker” side. My work has usually focussed on subjects that offend conservative or high-minded individuals. When I was at Cosmopolitan, I copped […]

Those chains were pretty heavy

Life has given me many wonderful gifts. Aside from my kids, one of the best ones has been a second chance. That makes it sound like I had a near-death experience, but it wasn’t nearly that dramatic. I just got to cast off the chains that 45 years of self-imposed guilt and shame and fear […]

Totally not peas in a pod

It constantly amazes me that two people can combine their genes to create new life and produce someone so completely different every time. My kids don’t look the slightest bit alike. One has red hair and hazel eyes, one has blonde hair and blue eyes. They don’t act the slightest bit alike. One is into […]

Celebrating the good men

Things got a little heated in the lead-up to Father’s Day this year – an early childhood activist suggested it be renamed “Special Person’s Day” and the internet almost broke. A tidal wave of outrage poured out on social media. “People still celebrate fatherhood even after their father and grandfathers have passed away, in fact […]